Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You Know You've Been Married A Long Time When . . .

You don't do anything for Valentine's Day and you don't feel guilty. OK, maybe a little guilty. Al brought home flowers, a card and some Godiva hearts last night. They were still in the store sack, so he just brought them out one at a time and handed them to me. It was really kind of sweet. No more pretense in this relationship! He'll be working on the day, so he got the stuff early. Then I realized that I hadn't gotten him anything!

He said not to worry about it and don't do anything. He knows I've been a little preoccupied with the diagnosis and immanent weekly shots. So, I'm going to take him up on that.

Then my wonderful brother and mother sent cards and Snickers hearts! OK, now I really feel guilty. I didn't get them anything, either. But they, too, understand, I'm sure.

One of these days, everything will become routine again, and I won't feel like I'm just making it one day at a time. Then maybe I'll start working on some changes in my attitude and get some stuff done.

Maybe I should make a list? Naw. Too broad right now. I need to wait until I can think of specific goals. So, I'll just put that off for a while! Yeah! See, I'm returning more to normal every day!

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Jay said...

UMM .. You DID share the snickers hearts with Al ... didn't you?