Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ya Gotta Stretch Yourself

When I volunteered to chair a committee for our church's pledge campaign, I thought it would be very good for me. I thought I needed to stretch myself and start taking on some responsibility and using my brain again, after a year break while living in Ohio.

Right aftwards, I decided I was out of my mind! What was a I thinking? Leading a Spiritual Life committee with 10 members, all looking to me for orders and direction? Never again.

But, I was right the first time. It was a good idea for me to take this on and to stretch myself. I'm working with an amazing group of people who are willing to do anything to help. And not only that, they thank me for the work I do! I don't think that's happened before.

So, this stretching myself and taking on things that might make me uncomfortable is good thing. I should do it more often.

And I'll probably get the chance, especially with this church. I made the mistake of telling my pastor that I was a little bored. You should never tell your pastor that you're bored--He will always have something for you to do. But that's OK. I need things to do to get me motivated to do more.


Jay said...

"You should never tell your pastor that you're bored"

Words to live by right there.

Kell said...

Yeah, definitley a "Note to self."