Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's That Time

Well, I've been barely posting for awhile and I'm kind of blocked on what to say and do anyway, so I think I'm gonna take a little break. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I think taking a little "sabbatical" is a good idea.

Thank you all for coming by and reading and commenting and just lurking. I'm sure I'll be back some time. I'll still be doing some lurking of my own, I just won't be keeping up like I have been.


Update: Thanks everyone for the kind comments and checking in on me. Things are going pretty well, finally! It took awhile to feel better, but I'm finally able to get up and get going in the morning. I'm still on my sabbatical, but I'm checking in on your blogs and appreciate you checking in on me. Oh, and Cosette is doing wonderfully, too. She's been napping with me and getting me out walking every morning.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I decided to join in the fun over at r.e.h.'s place. He's come up with this great game where he gives us pictures that represent different aspects of a story, then we write the story. He explains it a lot better than I do, and you can find the rules here.
So, here we go!

One Little Leaf

Samuel should have been working on his homework, but he was having a familiar daydream instead. He was running through the wet sand, his feet slapping against the receding wave as it tried to drag him into the ocean with it. The sky was as wide as the ocean he was running next to and all of his worries were gone. He had never even been to the beach, but he just knew that if he was there, running on the sand, he could forget about the cramped two bedroom apartment he and his sister, Abigail, lived in with their mother or the bully, Frank, who stops him on his way to school to pick on him just for the hell of it or the hours he waits for his mom to get home from her job.

He knew she hated her job. She only took it to support him and Abigail after their father left. She was so tired when she got home that he didn’t want to bother her with helping him with his homework or talking to her about Frank. Samuel knew that if they could just go to the beach, his mother would forget all her worries, too. Maybe she could relax and smile again. It had been so long since she had smiled.

The thoughts of his mom brought Samuel back to real time. He finished the last of his multiplication tables then went to the bedroom he shared with his little sister. It had an invisible line drawn down the middle by the separation of girl’s stuff and boy’s stuff. Abigail’s side was pink with Dora the Explorer and baby dolls around, while his side was darker with Transformers and race cars. He reached under his bed and took out the box of treasured objects. He ignored the ribbons for science fairs, the pictures of his mom and dad, the birthday cards from some grandmother he never met, and picked up the small, hardback book about sea shells that his mom had given to him for his birthday. It was the first birthday without his dad, so she had made it a big party to try to make up for it. They had been at the park for his party, and in a puddle of water there had been a leaf. There weren’t many trees in this park—it was mostly sand and gravel around a swing set and a jungle gym—so he guessed that’s why it caught his attention. It was a very pretty golden color and a lovely shape with no tears or nicks in it. He had carefully picked it up and dried it off with a napkin before putting it in his book about shells.

Now he sat on his bed, opened the book, and held the leaf tenderly in his hand. He thought about the birthday without his dad and the promise about going to the beach some day that his mom made when she gave him the book. She talked about how he and his sister would jump and run in the sand. And he remembered the far away look in his mother’s eyes and that she was smiling.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thanks Again


Thanks again everyone. Your comments meant so much.

I know I haven't been around much, but I just haven't had the energy. The depression has eased up, but it always leaves me tired and just kind apathetic. I'm slowly catching up on my blog reading. Although I've been reading, I haven't been commenting much. Just lurking I guess. It's like writer's block--I just can't think of anything to say. That's also why there haven't been any new posts.

The days have pretty much been filled with walking and playing with Cosette and mopping the floors after her muddy paw prints. Did you know Pledge makes an all floor surface cleaner that you just squirt on and mop up with a damp mop? It makes cleaning the floors too damn easy, so now I feel like I have to do it more often. But on the pro side, Cosette has gotten very good at stopping as soon as she walks in and letting me dry her off. She even picks up her paws for me. Whatta dog.

At the risk of turning this into a dog adoration blog, I just have to show you this picture. As I was laying on the couch, Cosette decided to join me by propping herself up in the crook of my legs. Just look how comfortable she looks.

She eventually slid down and curled up against my legs and we both went to sleep.