Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cross SD off the list

Well, on my list of places I might want to live in or visit, guess you can cross off South Dakota. I just can't believe they are seriously considering outlawing abortion. It's not a debate about the morality of abortion for me, it's about a woman's right to choose being taken away. A legal procedure that is being outlawed because a group of men are trying to push their agenda. It's really hard to put this into words because I'm so angry.

*I'm angry at this group of men deciding what's best for the women of the state.

I'm angry at conservatives for manipulating the American public to the point of controling the most personal and individual choice a woman has.

*I'm angry that conservatives preach and preach about small government and how the liberals are trying to tell you how to live your life, yet they have been chipping away at our right to choose for years. And it looks like they are succeeding because the American public are too naive to see they are being dictated to instead of led.

*I'm angry that so many important concerns are being ignored to benefit the converstive, right wing, Christian Coalition agenda--SD would not allow abortion in any situation other than the life of the mother, ignoring rape, incest, poverty, so on.

*I'm angry at the image in my head of a group of smug, old, arrogant men laughing and hi-fiving each other with their Bibles for finally putting women in their place and for pushing the conservative agenda ever closer to the point of domination over all our freedoms.

*I'm angry that I know these people supporting this new ban don't give a damn about the women in their state. All they care about is their political position. This is just the first step. Next step will be other states, then the Supreme Court. [Shudder]

Think I'm exaggerating? I don't. Wake up! We're being manipulated and controlled by a group of crusty old men who want to control everything in our lives. Don't let it happen! Vote out the republicans!


Anonymous said...

And, how about some smug, holier-than-thou pharmacist who decides that you shouldn't be taking certain pills (morning after, birth control) because it offends the pharmacist's moral sensibilities? How long will it be until they can decide, all by themselves, that you don't need any pills for your arthritis, or worse, no more anxiety medication, etc., etc.?

Jay said...

I don't think women should risk even visiting Sout Dakota. I would hate for my girlfriend/signifigant other/sister/mother etc. to be visiting S.D. and know that if anything terrbile happened medical care would not be available to them.

What if a woman is visiting S.D. and gets raped? No morning after pill would be available by state law.

You're right it's not about morality. It's about having old white men decided what medical proceedures women can and can't have and what medications they can and can't take.

And don't think for second that they aren't comming after birth control of all kinds too. Outlawing contraception even for married couples is high on their list of things to do.

LadyS said...

Ahem! Ahem! I too have a hard time trying to discuss this because I'm so mad! I can remember the "good old days" when abortions were done by "back alley" doctors(if you can call them that), because trained physicans could not do abortions.
It's like taking a giant step backward and it's scary.

Kell said...

It is so scary. I'm still mad! And I hadn't even thought about the morning after pill and all the other things that could be affected. That just made me even madder!