Friday, September 04, 2009

State Fair and a Chicken

On this gorgeous Friday, we went to the Nebraska State Fair, the last one in the state capital city. After this, it'll be moved closer to the middle of the state. The group that approved the move said it was to be more "fair" to other people in the state to attend and not have to drive all the way over here to the eastern side of the state. Considering that something like 80% of the state population lives here on the eastern side, I'm tempted to believe the rumors that the university wanted the land and by God they got it.

I love going to the fair, but I gotta admit, I don't think moving will be such a bad thing. The fair grounds here seem more like a deserted parking lot than the dirt and grass of my youth. And going on a weekday is a bit of a disappointment because all the cool stuff like the dog herding trials, most of the sheep and goats, and the poultry and bunny exhibits weren't going on like the first time we went to the fair. I miss seeing those chickens, but we had a good time anyway. Think I'll let my pictures do the talkin'.

It was Veteran's Appreciation Day, and the parade was inspiring and emotional. All military and their families got in free this day. The parade started off with the Color Guard.

The Legion Riders were awesome

Gotta have tractors in a parade in NE

Of course there were animals at the fair!

I had never seen a 4-horned sheep. Looks like something from a sci-fi story.

The goats want some feed. No surprises there.

The AG Hall held the farming groups' exhibits. Of course there were the huuuuuuge veggies

The infamous fiberglass cow that has an udder you can milk from. The kids were just doing what we all wanted to do.

The infamous cheddar sculptor

And reminders that we are in Nebraska, after all

A new food offering. We did no partake.

And of course,

"Are you going to Heaven?" booth

Ice chest near the Methodist food stand

And since I don't have any pictures of funky chickens, I give you pictures of the chicken I knitted. I love her!

And the obligatory cute picture of Cosette, the sweetest dog in the world, asleep next to me on the love seat outside.