Thursday, February 09, 2006

Project Runway Is Taking Over

OK, I admit it. After the new episode of Project Runway, I go directly to the website and read Tim's Blog and listen to his podcast and read the boards. I can't help it! I'm addicted to this show, and I don't know anything about making clothes, let alone fashion. But I like reading all the remarks and sometimes I actually agree with them.

This week, Nick was out. I haven't blogged after every new episode, or you would believe me on this next statement: I saw it coming. He wasn't making good choices any more, and the judges were getting tired of him. Not that I think those judges really have any say in who's in or who's out, but still, the writing was on the wall.

Speaking of writing, the reason all this is pretty predictable has to do with writing technique. If I was writing this as a book, how would I hint that a favorite designer was going to be out? OK, besides having a commercial where Heidi says, "Next week, one of your favorites will be out." How would I structure the favorite designer leaving?

The designer who seemed so strong, starts to fall apart. He begins to falter under the pressure, swinging between being a drama queen who has been wronged to being an over-confident yet spoiled child who won't stop to think about what he's doing. The judges start complaining that they are tired of seeing the same ol' design from him ("If I see a fishtale hem again I'm going to scream"). He ends up in the bottom of the pack, instead of the top. He's missed being "out" twice, now.

He is soooooo out of there.

Yet, there's a more practicle, plot-line reason he has to go: Because now the real drama of who will be the final three can be played out on the next episode, where we are down to 4--1) Chloe--the expert technician who always does a flawless job, even though it's not always that exciting; 2) Daniel--the recent fashion school graduate who has come out of his shell to win at least four challenges and had immunity on this last one, saving him from a good chance of being out; 3) Kara--the other girl, the one who sews well, but is unsure of herself, so much so that she is always asking other's advice. There's no way this woman has an original, high-fashion line in her; and 4) Santino--the rebel, the obnoxious one who pisses everyone off not only because he pushes the envelope of fashion but because many times he does it badly, resulting in an unwearable and down-right ugly garmet. Yet, he stays.

High drama in deed.

God! I can't wait for next week!!!!

Oh, and I really think Kara will be gone next week. She may do a really pretty evening gown, but there won't be anything really special about it. And, like I said, I just can't see her doing a whole line, which is what the final three have to do. Besides, there are over 90 pages on the PR message board, most of the messages complaining about Santino. Why would they give that up by getting rid of him?

But, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.


Jay said...

I don't know, for some reason I just can't get into this show. I don't know why.

Kell said...

But it's sooooo good. Well, actually maybe not sooooo. Al doesn't get it either. I liked the first season, too. I don't know why I like it so much.