Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I’m learning Italian because I’m going to Italy next year. I’ve learned that “Ciao” is very familiar, that cappuccino is considered a morning drink, and that to pronounce “grazie” correctly, you have to pronounce the “eh” at the end, not just “ee”.

I’ve also learned that I probably will not be speaking much Italian when I go to Italy because all I can remember after 6 weeks is “Mi chiamo Kelley.”

It’s a fun class and it’s a beautiful language, but I’m just not putting the time into it that I should (there’s that damn “should” word again). It’s a non-credit class with no tests, so I only have my own encouragement and self-discipline to learn. THAT won’t work. Plan B!

OK, there is no Plan B. I’m going to become comfortable with this language. At least I can read a menu and count, so I can eat and pay for my food. I figure that’s pretty good. But they speak so quickly, that I need to find out how to say, “Can you repeat that slowly, please?” I need to get a list of comments like that and “Where is the bathroom” and ask my teacher, Rosalie, how to say them.

We have a 2-week break, then we start Italian II. So, I’ve got 2 weeks to get up to speed on the stuff I should already be up to speed on.


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