Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh For Heaven's Sake

Really? I haven't posted anything since Christmas? Actually, that's not too hard to believe, considering how lazy I have been lately.

I got sick AGAIN. A chest cold came on right after the new year and hung in for awhile. Then I just lost all my energy. This is not uncommon with MS, but I do think I milked it a little longer than I really needed to. I'm still having some pain in my ears and a sore throat in the evenings, but I've decided I'm healthy, so I'm moving on. I'm really good at self-pity, but even I get sick of myself after a while.

Knitting, knitting, knitting. I haven't been too tired to not knit. Eventually, I will do a post on everything I've been doing and I will update my projects page on Ravelry. I have photos, it's just a matter of writing it all up.

I feel like I should set some goals for 2012. So far, it's been the year of apathy, and that's not good. It's also not like me. So, what should my theme for 2012 be? The year of completed projects? The year of energy? The year of living a healthy life? So many options. It looks like it will be February before I decide, though. Hopefully it won't be the year of procrastination.

I'm off. I have two whining dogs sitting in front of me. They want a treat. I shouldn't give them one because one of them is a little chunky and needs to lose a few pounds, but I'm weak. Not only are they cute with those big brown eyes staring up at me, but they are driving me crazy with that whining! Oh well, one little dog biscuit broken in half between them would be OK, right?