Saturday, February 18, 2006


It's so cold here that it froze our friggin' cable! Aaaaahhhhh! No Internet access! We actually got up early and went to Panera Bread Company for breakfast because they have free Wi-Fi. And Al doesn't like Panera!

Good ego boost, though--I had mucho emails from my friends and families. Most just chatting. I love email.

So, how cold is it? The high today is 8, and the low last night and tonight is -2 or colder. But did we let the cold stop us? Hell no! We went out for pizza with friends then went out for dessert with them then went to a motorcycle show today. Yeah, I know. Kelley went to a motocycle show? That's just the kind of supportive and loving wife I am. Actually, it was pretty cool. There was some "Orange County Chopper" style bikes there, and some really old Harleys, Indians, and Triumphs. And leather! Holy Cow I've never seen so much leather in all my life. And chains, but we won't go there.

The cool thing is that I got a red rubber "Support MS" band. The MS Society has a motorcyle "Poker Run" fundraiser. It's like the yellow Lance Armstrong bands, which I would have too, but since I've recently been diagnosed with MS, I decided to get one. It's cool and it seems to cheer me to wear it. For some reason, when I look at it, it reminds me that just because I have MS, doesn't mean everything is over. It reminds me there is still a lot of work being done and that there are people out there who support MS research and care. It also kind of reminds me to be happy and go out and do! Not because I should before it's too late, but because there's no reason not to.

Mmmmmmmm, Al made coffee and it's almost done brewing. And genius that he is, he's decided we should put Irish Cream in it. Double Mmmmmmm. I think I'll pour a big cup and pick a new book to read. Hmmmmm. Mystery, adventure, or nonfiction? Choices, choices, choices.

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