Thursday, April 06, 2006

You Didn't Ask, But . . .

Well, FHM and the Cynical Bastard made their list of sexiest women, so I thought I'd try a list for sexiest men. My list. I'm not expecting many to agree, and I'm a little behind the times since I don't watch much TV unless it's BBC America, Food Network and HGTV, but here it is, in no particular order.

Movie Star Hunk--Denzel Washington

Brooding Intensity Hunk--Christopher Meloni

Next Sex Symbol Hunk--Clive Owen

Adventurous Hunk--Ewan McGregor

TV Hunk--Julian McMahon

British Hunks--Colin Firth and Jason Isaacs

Politically Savvy and Rock Star Hunk--Bono

Country Boy Hunk--Troy Gentry

Intelligent and Funny Hunk--Steve Martin

If I was 20 Years Younger Hunk--Jake Gyllenhaal


Jay said...

Not only did you make a list, but you categorized them. That's a pretty good idea. I hand't thought of that. Usally I just use "smart hot" and "stupid hot". But, I see that there should be more categories now.

Lisa said...

Nicely done, Kell!