Friday, April 28, 2006

Still Won't Watch The View

I'm a Rosie O'Donnell supporter, I admit that proudly. I know a lot of people think she lost it for a while, but I think that once she decided to stop trying to be what everyone thought she should be, her honesty scared a lot of people. She's a bit rabid in her politics, but so are a lot of people (Ann Coulter), who don't get nearly the personal attacks that Rosie does. But she's done so much for children--of all couples. And I still think she is basically a nice person. Not something I could say for a lot of other rabid politically influential mouthpieces (Ann Coulter).

But I still won't watch The View. She's taking over for Vieira, who is going to the Today Show. The View gets on my nerves. I've watched it a handful of times, but I don't even want to sit around a table with my best friends every day and pick apart what's going on the world--why would I want to watch it on tv. Especially with a bunch of women I don't particularly like. And the interviews are even worse. When Ralph Fiennes was on, Joy Behar asked him something like if he could go back in time would he kill Hitler or some weird thing like that. I guess since he was in Shindler's List he should have some keen insight or something.

And have they always gone on and on about Vieira's great news and journalism background? I know she has that background, but I didn't until she got the Today gig. Was she really supposed to be the "news" rock when Barbara Walter's couldn't be there? Or are they just trying to pump up her credentials for a news show like Today? Even though, most of the morning shows any more are nothing more than a vehicle to advertise other shows coming up on that network, usually their news programs.

Anyway, back to the original idea. Rosie seems like an odd choice. She'll bring in some ratings, maybe. She does have experience with talk shows, but it was her show. She's a pretty strong personality. I imagine they'll keep those cameramen busy jumping from one person to the other, as they all try to get a word in edgewise. But Rosie doesn't have that news and journalism background that they seem to think (now anyway) was what they needed and why they got Vieira.

Guess we'll see what happens. Well, you can, and let me know!


Jay said...

I can't wait for the no-holds-barred steele cage match between her and Star Jones. They hate each other. Of course, I'm betting star won't be back either.

Betty said...

I think Meredith was hired on the View because she's such a good friend of Barbara's. Same with Joy. I have watched enough to pick up on that.

Meredith is not going to do very well on the Today Show - my prediction. Absolutely everything she says boils down to a sexual innuendo. She's obsessed.

But,I think Rosie will do well on the View, and I agree with Jay that Star Jones will probably leave.