Sunday, April 09, 2006

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Hubby's nephew has a retired racing horse. That alone is just head-shaking weird. He wanted a motorcyle, but the family said no, you can have an old horse instead. Huh? You know, you have to keep a horse alive, right?

Anyway. The horse. When he puts the bidle in the horse's mouth, it faints! Makes it a little hard to ride, ya think? I've heard of horses holding their breath when you sinch up the saddle, then exhaling when you get settled so that you slide off, but actually fainting? They think it's some kind of performance anxiety from its time as a race horse. Uh huh. If they start giving that horse prozac, I just might have to laugh in their faces. But I better not. They prescribe prozac for dogs and cats, and horses are a lot smarter. Who knows?

Maybe they should call the Pet Pyschic!

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Jay said...

I've seen those videos of a the fainting goats. But a fainting horse? Now that's funny. Tell him we REALLY want a video of this.