Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Walk Around the Pond

Since I feel like I’m beginning to plateau with my workout regime, Hubby suggested that today we should go for a walk on a local trail instead of going to the gym. Don’t go to the gym? Yeah, baby, I’m with ya! A nice walk outside in the sun and fresh air. A day off from walking to nowhere on the treadmill.

We’re lucky that we have several of these trails available. They’re paved and have little lay-bys with a park bench in case you need a break from all the healthy exercise. If walking, jogging, skating, or biking isn’t your thing, there’s also fishing in the crappie-stocked lake. Actually, it’s more of a big pond on this one. Dogs are welcome, as long as they are on a leash, and there are picnic areas, too.

What they don’t have are maps at the entrances to show you what the trail looks like and where it goes. I hate that. They have a big sign telling you what you can’t do (no hunting, alcohol, swimming, yadda yadda yadda), but no where do they say how long the trail is or where it goes. So, it’s a leap of faith—stay on the side walk, and keep the pond on your right, or left, depending on which way you head out.

It’s always wonderful starting out. There’s a breeze blowing, the sun is behind partly cloudy skies, and there aren’t many people this day, so no dodging the bikers. I get lost in my thoughts and the rhythm of the walk. This euphoria lasts for quite a while, then it begins to feel like exercise and I’m not enjoying myself as much.

Spring hasn’t sprung on this trail, so there’s only dead grass and bare-limbed trees to look at. I notice a bridge leading to the other side of the pond, and hopefully the downhill part of the loop. But just as I think the trail will head over there, it veers to the left, the opposite direction, for what seemed like miles! OK, it’s probably more like feet, but it’s still in the opposite direction. But since there wasn’t a map available, who knew how long this loop was and when the trail would veer back to that bridge.

By now, the partly cloudy skies had cleared up to become mostly sunny and that nice breeze was all but gone. I asked Hubby what time it was, and he said it had only been 20 minutes. Only? I would be climbing off the elliptical machine by now! And we still have to walk back! But, we may have gone more than halfway, so maybe we should just keep going. But maybe not. Who the hell knows!?! So, we kept going.

Turned out to be the right decision. Once we finally found and crossed the bridge, it was no time before we were back at the parking lot—an hour total. Hubby was all happy and pumped up. It was a great walk, a great pace, and great change from the gym. I’m happy he was happy. My shins hurt, my head hurt, and my left thigh was so tight, I was limping. OK, maybe I exaggerate, a little. But I was tired. Really tired.

But at least now we know where that trail goes. Maybe I should draw a map.


Jay said...

About half-way around I would be lying on the ground gasping for air and clinging to life by a thread. It would be like a scene from a bad western. I'd be telling you guys "go one without me ... (pant, pant) .. you must get your workout in (pant, pant).

Kell said...

Are you kidding? I'd be so glad to have someone else who wanted to stop! There's strength in numbers.