Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Day After

Boy, New Belgium makes a good seasonal beer. All their beers are good, but Skinny Dip is excellent. It was like a blend of a hefeweissen and an IPA. Not too hoppy, but more hops than malt. But if you gulp it down, and you haven't been drinking much alcohol for say, oh 3 weeks, it goes right to your head. Then you say things like, "Chronicles of Narnia had great side effects." Oops.

I kept friends entertained all night at my favorite Irish Pub with statements like that. Plus, teasing me about being f-f-f-fourty gave everyone an opportunity to laugh. They tease because they love, or because I can take it, or both. Although buddy James outdid himself while they were singing Happy Birthday when he shouted out "She's 40!" instead of "Dear Kelley." That guy's a laugh riot, he is.

We ate our fish and chips, drank our beer, then had an ice cream cake with my favorite frozen custard--vanilla with swirls of caramel and pretzels. Sounds a little odd, but believe me, that sweet and salt combination is heaven! But that cake must have weighed 10 pounds, and I got a real upper body workout slicing the damn thing. They finally fired me from that duty and one of those strong manly men took over, after getting a glas of hot water to stick the knife in. Ice cream cakes slice much easier with a warm knife.

Just another little observation I made last night. Have you ever noticed that people who give you upbeat advice such as "age is just a state of mind" and "you are only as old as you feel" are younger than you? The only really depressing moment of an otherwise-enjoyable evenening was the moment that I realized I was the oldest person at the table. Up until that point, we all seemed around the same age; eventhough they were actaully a year or two younger. Well, shit.

And after last night, "old as I feel" is a scary thought. Think I'll get another cup of coffee and try to wake up some more.

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