Sunday, April 09, 2006

Doggie's Happy Dance

Dogs know how to enjoy and revel in their doggieness. Daily was aleep on the tile floor, then I heard her moving around. She was rolling around, scratching her back on the floor, her collar was jingling, and she was grunting and moaning happily. And every now and then, she'd flop her nose or tail against the floor. So I heard, "Rarrrrr, jingle, Roarrrr, thump, snort, rarrrrrr, snort, jingle clink clink thump" Then one big sneeze and jingle combination, a big shake, and she pranced over to me. Her hair was standing up on the top of head, she was panting and wagging her tail. She was very pleased with her roll around the floor, which we call her "happy dance." She trotted off for a drink of water, then outside to repeat the dance in the newly green grass and sunshine.

Oh, the life of a dog.

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