Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oprah Tells Frey He 'Betrayed' Readers

Ya think?

Well, it's about time Oprah came around. She defended this writer because the "feeling" of the book is true. What? A memoir by its very definition is true, isn't it? Well, I guess that's the million-dollar question isn't it? What does define a memoir? Personally, I think a memoir is an over-priced, over-publicized autobiography. It's less egotistical to call it an autobiography and much more elegant to call it a memoir.

Guess Oprah found out she's not invincible. Now that she's received lots and lots of angry emails about her leniency with this guy, she has him back on the show and apparently (I didn't see it) rakes him and his publisher over the coals.

And just a quick reality check, people. It is the writer's job to fact check. Things that stand out and are questionable will be checked by an editor or an editorial assistant, but it's the writer's responibility to be accurate. Publishing companies barely proofread their galleys any more, let alone spend the money and time on fact-checking. It's very easy to blame the publisher for letting this get out, and yes, if they knew there were false statements and accounts in the book, then they are just as responsible. But if they never checked because they believed the hooey this guy was passing on and all they could see were the dollar signs the book would bring, they aren't responsible for the accuracy. They're just greedy like every other business in the world.

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