Friday, January 27, 2006

Daily Update

She's eating! She had stopped eating her dog food, but we knew she was hungry because she wanted our food and treats. So, after fighting it for too long, we bought canned dog food. I started putting it in her dish and she ate like a dog who hadn't eaten for a couple of days, which is what she is. I couldn't put it in the bowl fast enough. And the bet thing is that I can put her medicine in it and she'll eat it without knowing! No more fighting to get her to eat something with her pills in it.

Now, I'm worried about her teeth. What if she wasn't eating because it was too hard on her teeth? Putting her under to work on her teeth is dangerous since her heart is so big. So, she's eating, but what if she gets an infection because she has something wrong with a tooth.

I can't just be happy that she's eating. No, I have to create a whole new problem. Guess I'll just watch her and see.

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