Friday, January 27, 2006

Do Ya Have To Have One Style?

It seems unfair to have a house or apartment with many different rooms and only have one style through out it, doesn't it? But every real estate person will tell you that rooms that don't flow together don't sell well. And I worry about selling my house because I'll only be in it for 3 years, at least. I love my house, and I love all the paint colors that we chose and the new floor we put in the kitchen, and the shelves we put up, and the pub we are putting in the basement. But rooms that flow can also be a little restrictive, don't you think. I've tried to put something in red in every room, just to give a little spark in them.

And our real estate agent came by to see the changes and was impressed by the way everything felt warm and complete. The rooms downstairs are different colors, but they are all from the same palate (Eddie Bauer American Bungalow), with "Pecan" being the dominate color. Cohesion! Flow! Neutral, yet colorful! Hmmm. Guess I went too far with that last one. But at least the walls aren't off-white, like every military base I've ever lived on.

OK, back to the original point. There's a definite style to our house, and for the most part, I'm happy with it. It's not complete, but then again, it's not a showplace, it's a home. It's a kind of arts and crafts meets a country lodge comfy kind of house. But I was looking at cabinet door handles for the kitchen, and everything I went to, Al said was "too country" or "too modern" or "too contemporary" or "too cottage." And he was right. We have a quasi-Tuscan look going for the kitchen. Of course, it's not complete because it has oak cabinets and an ugly counter top. But, it's nice. And the new handles on the cabinets take away from the American Country look of the oak cabinets. But why can't I have the cool looking black handles? I think they're a nice contrast. Al thinks they look too modern. So, we tried handles that have a cool swirl to them, but they don't set flush on the door, so we'd have to drill a larger hole (I dont' want to do that). Then, we tried these black-ish handles that have a cool texture. But they look kind of small and don't have as much contrast. And we tried a mission style, which is really nice, but the kitchen isn't really mission. But the living room is, so maybe this would tie in? All I know is that we are taking waaaaay too much time picking out door handles. So, here's some pictures. What do you think, dear reader? One (you can't really tell, but it's pretty black), Two, Three, or Four?

I know, they aren't the best pics, and you don't have the whole room, but it doesn't matter. Which one looks best?

I'm kind of enjoying having a different handle on each cabinet. Maybe cohesion is over-rated. Maybe ecletic is the way to go. Maybe I should just shuck it all and go art deco! Al would like that. What he wouldn't like is English country cottage, and of course, that's what I really want. But, I want English country cottage in England. Or Scotland, actually. A stone cottage that's as old as the clans with a rock fireplace that has to be going all the time because there always seems to be a draft. And an auga in the kitchen that keeps that room always the warmest room in the house.

But I digress.

So, guess we'll figure out something. And my house will stay a palate of neutral yet colorful. And it will sell, and I'll have to start all over again.

But for now, I'm going to watch House. Such a cool show.


Jay said...

I like the one on the top left. Have you tried any crome? I know prett modern, but nice. Or some baic ones with silver/crome paint? How bout taking down all the cabinets and replacing them with Euro cabinets. You know, with all the pull outs and stuff like that. Very cool.

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