Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A New Day

Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

Al's going out of town in a couple of weeks, so I'm looking around for some place to go. My friends don't understand why I have to actually leave--you have the house to yourself. But if I stay here, I won't do anything but watch tv and clean and think about all the things I need to do around here, which isn't much of a change from every other day.

Then, just when I was feeling pretty low, I got this from Susan!

Very cool, huh? I'm gonna go get that tattoo now.

So, I'm going to pass this on because there are several Rockin' Girls out there.

Lena--If ever there was a Rockin' Girl Blog, it's Lena's. She writes songs and supports her son's rock band, the Valentines, and writes with honesty and humor about her life.

Lisa--The rockin' smarts blog. Politics, intelligence and photography; I always find something thought-provoking on her blog.

Chelle--The rockin' mom blog. Chelle's had some rough times, but she stays strong and focused, giving her little boy Brendan a strong foundation.

Katie--The rockin' hilarious blog. There's always something to give you a chuckle here. Another blog where you know what you see is what she is--funny and strong.

Michelle--The rockin' transcendental blog. Want to see the most beautiful photographs ever? Want to read about a woman's love of life and keeping everything and everyone around her healthy? Then head on over to Michelle's. There's always something interesting to read and see.

Queen--The rockin' best-written blog. There are a lot of intelligent, funny and well written blogs out there, but Queen's is one of the best. Confident and funny, she always has an interesting take on life.

Peggy--The rockin' world-away blog. Peggy is amazing. In addition to being a gardener, a cook, a great mom, a great wife, an expert on birds and flowers and trees, she dives. There's no way I would strap something on my back and go that far underwater on purpose, but I would live in Scotland like she does. I live vicariously through Peggy.

Betty--Because my mom rocks!

So, there you are gals. Display your award with pride!


Queen of Dysfunction said...

I am salivating over all the new reads... and into the Google reader they go!

Glad to hear you get some time to yourself now. Just know that if you ever make it out to the west coast there is a standing invitation to our klatsch!

Thanks for the rockin badge! ;)

Betty said...

OK, you're permanently in the will, now. Thanks for the Rockin Girl Blogger, especially the "girl" part. lol

Chelle Y. said...

Okay, now I have tears in my eyes! I was thinking, I need that "tattoo" too, then I read my name. You're so sweet and made my day, because believe me, yesterday was crappy! :)

Michelle said...

Thank you!! :o)

And, gawd, this is so embarrassing but I had to actually go and look up transcendental. *blush*

That was a really nice thing to say and do.

Lisa said...

Aw, Kell, thanks so much! I feel truly honored. :)

Let us know what you're doing for your getaway!

her indoors said...

well done Kell, i got one too and was going to nominate you but someone beat me too it. enjoy the YOU time x

Lena said...

I'm honoured to be listed among such a fab group of women, Kell! What a nice surprise and sweet thought!

Peggy said...

Thanks for that Kell! I'll put the badge up soon. I still have loads of vacation laundry to get through.