Thursday, July 12, 2007

Because He's Good

Many of you who read this blog also read my brother, Jay's, blog. He's funny, he's intelligent, and he can make some ordinary day seem like an adventure. He also loves sports and writes about that sometimes.

Today, he reviews Jim Gorant's book Fanatic: Ten Things All Sports Fans Should Do Before They Die. I think it's interesting that Jay says that this book is a good read for sports fans and non-sports fans. He should know, Jay is the same way.

Jay has been a sports fanatic since he was a small boy, and his enthusiasm is contagious. When he writes about sports, he makes me wish I was a sports fan. When I watch games with him, his knowledge is unending and his passion is obvious. He explains things to me without dumbing it down or talking down to me, thus making me care about something that I had no idea I could care about. I was just as excited as he was when the Cardinals won the World Series, and I hadn't been following it all year like he had. We don't get together all that often, so it was a real treat to be able to watch that game with him.

I loved going to the Arkansas basketball and football games games together when we where in college. He used to laugh at me echoing him. He'd yell, "Traveling!" and then hear "Traveling!" a second later. Well, I wanted to sound smart, too. After we'd win (and we almost always won, at least home games), all the students and fans would link arms and sing the Mac Davis song, "Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way . . ." Jay can't carry a tune in a bucket, but he'd sing that song with gusto and set the swaying pace.

Those were fun days. We still go to some sports events. We went to a Spurs basketball game when we were both living in San Antonio, and we've gone to several baseball games in the last few years. And yes, he still hears that echo next to him.

So, go on over and read his review of the Gorant book. Jay says that one of the things he likes about the book is how Gorant can tell you why it's great to be a sports fan.

Funny, that's what Jay does every time he writes about sports.


susan said...

Awww, this makes me like Jay even more. And you for adoring him so much. And your mom who raised such great kids...and Al who was smart enough to marry into the family. And...Ok I'll stop being silly (it's brain damage from the heat!)

But really I think you are such a great and caring family.

Jay said...

Nothing was more fun that Arkansas basketball games back in the day at Barnhill Arena.

Betty said...

What a nice tribute to your baby brother! I'm so glad y'all are close. (Teary-eyed here, gotta go. Snif)