Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lessons Learned

When Fixing Things

Al spent hours--hours!--trying to fix the headlight on his motorcycle on Saturday. He took off plastic stuff, changed the light bulb, and got scratches on his knuckles. Then on Sunday, since nothing else seemed to work, he decided to check the fuse. He came inside and showed it to me and said, "Do you see anything wrong?" I looked, and sure enough, it was cracked and I told him so. He said, "So what have we learned?" I don't know. "Always check the fucking easy stuff first!" It took him, I think, 30 minutes to fix it.

When Completing a Project

Is it all men, or just the ones around me? They never estimate enough time to complete a project. The guy who did our bathroom remodel (pics coming soon), said he should have it done by the time we got back from Scotland. But he ran into some problems, including another job that he didn't finish when he thought he would, and didn't get as far as he thought he would. Then he said he'd have the majority done on Wednesday and finish up on Friday because he was going out of town on Thursday. But he didn't get as far on Wednesday as he hoped. And he got back later on Friday than he planned, so now it was going to be Saturday. But not to worry! It should only take a couple of hours. He got there around 1 (an hour later than he planned) and he left around 9 that night. The same kind of thing happens when Al works on the car. So, when I'm told it'll take so many hours, I just double it in my head and tack on an extra day.

When Eating Out

I have a favorite restaurant here, Wheatfields. It's a great place with a huge menu of comfort foods. They have the best quiche, and when my friend called wanting to go to lunch, we knew just where to go. In addition to the great menu choices, they have a phenomenal bakery, which you see and smell first when you walk in. I quickly scanned all the yummy caloric offerings as I headed to the table where my friend was. The servings are huge, so I was a good girl and only ate half of my meal. But even eating half, I was really full. I had every intention of getting an Easter Egg-shaped sugar cookie with lots of gooey icing as I left, but I was just too full. And it was just after 12, so it was packed with people. So, I *sniff* decided to be good, again, and not get one. Next time, I'm going to eat dessert first. Or at least get one and take it home with me to eat later.


If you can complete the crossword puzzle without cheating, you're going to have a great day.

If you ask someone to call you back, he or she will do it while you're in the shower.

If you tell your husband about an upcoming event 3 times, he'll still forget about it because it didn't include power tools, cars, or motorcycles.

If you buy a big-ass snowblower, the military will move you to the deep south on your next assignment (hasn't happened yet, but we're waiting).

If you check the mail but it's not there, it will come as soon as you step back inside your house.

If you put away the winter clothes and turn off the heat, there will be one more cold snap.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. So, what have you learned?


J said...

The local hardware store will have palettes full of the tile you want to use when remodeling the bathroom, until you sign the contract with the contractor, at which time the tile will not only be out of stock, but back ordered for three months.

Betty said...

We're under a "winter weather watch" today. What th'????