Friday, April 13, 2007

Goodies in the Mail

Newt had a contest and I won! I won good. She sent me my prize and look what I got:

Does she know me well, or what? She made the jewelry (check out the cool closing clasp on the bracelet) and post-its with the book! I'm starting the book today. I've been wanting to read it for a long time, so I guess the Harry Potter re-reads will just have wait.

Thanks, Newt. I can't wait for the next contest!

In other news in Kell's world, I’m knitting a shawl for my friend I’m going to Italy with. Not only is her birthday happening while we are there, but also her husband has bought her an expensive dress so that they can get dressed up and go out to dinner while we are there. Al and I are passing on that, BTW. I like getting dressed up, but I don’t want to bring all that stuff with me. And Al’s idea of a special night isn’t defined as wearing a suit and paying a lot of money for a little bit of food with a lot of sauce around it. He likes it more than he used to, and he did say that if I want to go, we’ll go. But nah.

Anyway, her husband bought her a dress, and I said I would make her a soft, pretty shawl to go with it. Me and my big mouth. I forgot about his taste, so it’s been a struggle trying to find a good yarn to go with it and to decide on a pattern. The dress is metallic green and gold and strapless. I was thinking it would be a little black dress with a little bling, but no, it’s a lot of bling. She’ll look lovely in it, and even though it’s not my style, it is pretty.

So, I bought an ivory silk yarn. It has a little shimmer and it feels luxurious. I was going to make a rectangle shawl because I thought it would be more dramatic, but after 4 goes at this thing and not being happy with any of them, I’m making a triangular one with no pattern instead. It’s just easier. I’m also knitting it on larger needles so that it will look kind of lacey and because I have, of course, waited until the last minute and now have to knit in my sleep to get it done in time.

That's all for today. Y'all have a great weekend.


susan said...

Wow, Newt has way kewl prizes. That jewelery is gorgeous!

It sounds like your scarf is going to be beautiful as well.

Jay said...

Those were pretty cool. I you moved the earrings up you could have made a smiley face! haha

Newt said...

I'm glad you liked them. And I really hope you enjoy the book. It is one of my all time favorites. My family has all read it as well and loved it. I think if you like books it's a sure thing. Mostly because it's about books or I should say living in the book world, literally.

Lena said...

Kell, you can't go wrong with the triangular shape - it sounds lovely. I was knitting something similar for my little neice who is four and my son asked me why I was knitting myself knickers!