Monday, April 23, 2007

Aww Shucks

I’m so ashamed.

I haven’t been keeping up with my blog reading lately. I go through spurts where I just check in on my brother and my mom, then in whatever time I have, I read other blogs. I get caught up eventually, but I’m usually a couple of posts behind on some of my usual stops.

And that’s how I missed something very kind and flattering. JD at Global Wandering handed out his favorite “thinking” blogs and I was one of them! I’ve come to expect thought-provoking posts on JD’s site, so I was very flattered that he would mention me. If you haven’t been over to JD’s blog, check it out. In addition to commentary on current events, social issues, and travel, you’ll see pictures of the cutest Shih-tzu puppy the family recently got. I’ve learned a lot reading his blog.

And while I’m on a roll, go over and check out Lisa at A Clear View to a New Life. She’s introspective and a fantastic photographer. She comments on everything from her travels to politics to her beloved Chicago Cubs. She even makes baseball interesting to me.

Please don’t think I’ve forgotten the rest of you! I’m not very good at this emotional talk. I’m more in the “you know how I feel about you, right? I don’t have to say, right?” category. I may not keep up, but I always catch up. I’m usually lurking out there somewhere.

So, you know that, right?


Jay said...

Good job being nominated! Sweet!

Lisa is very interesting. For a Cubs fan. ;-)

Lisa said...

Kell, thanks, you are so sweet and I am honored. Right back at you, girl! :)

(Ignoring mean old Jay)

her indoors said...

well done on your nomination, yeah we know your lurking about, just as long as you keep posting we will keep reading

Lena said...

Checked them both out and will certainly keep visiting. A great recommend from a just as great author!

Chelle said...

That is how I have been. I have been reading Jay's and Tink's. My password has been messed up so I have not been able to leave comments.

I am too tired and lazy too. :)

Chelle said...

Oh, and Jay is very interesting. For a Cardinal's fan! Hahaha!

Michelle said...

I decided a long time ago that if I never got any comments, I'd keep right on blogging. It's more for me to release some stuff and to keep it as an online diary.

Once you come to that frame of mind, it's easier to let go of the guilt.

I also had to learn that I don't have to leave a comment everytime I drop by. There's no obligation to be witty, you know?

Congrats on being mentioned as a thinking blogger! :o)

Jay said...

Lisa said...
"(Ignoring mean old Jay)"

What do you mean OLD??? hahaha ;-)

Kell said...

Jay--I think you're the lone cardinal, buddy. You mean ol' Jay. LOL. Oh wait, I'm older than you, so I really shouldn't be calling you old, huh?

Lisa--We try to ignore him, but he just keeps dragging us back to him!

Her indoors--I love that word "lurking."

Lena--I should have put you in this post, too! Sorry about that. I loved your latest post about the letter to your niece.

Chelle-Hey! How's it going? I have a new banner that Newt made that I haven't put up yet, either. Just too lazy.

Michelle--I am enjoying it more since I relaxed a little.

graymama said...

Also, a Cardinals fan.


Newt said...

Lurking with love is fine by me :-)