Wednesday, February 07, 2007

When I Have To Stay Home

I don't want to. And when I have a lot of things to do, I just want to stay at home and veg.

I spent yesterday trying to be fairly still and sitting upright because I was still lightheaded and feeling just icky (only technical terms from now on). Except for that, I think I’m doing OK. But driving was out of the question, so I was stuck at home. Usually, not such a bad thing, but when you’re getting energy back you haven’t had in weeks, you don’t want to “have” to do anything you don’t want to do. But I decided to give the whole "rest" thing a try.

So, no quilting because I don't trust myself around sharp objects, and not much reading or computer typing because it's still takes more effort than I want to put into it. I can knit, though, because I'm making a simple shawl with one stitch. So, I did that and watched a lot of TV. I know, I have Netflix DVD sitting by the TV (Little Miss Sunshine), but that would have taken concentration. You know, there's not much to watch during the day. I leave it on HGTV or DIY, but some those crafty shows are a little out there. The only things that really stood out were a few commercials:

Eye Drops—The say, “a common side effect is a temporary burning sensation.” What? Oh, no. There is no temporary here. There will be no burning when eye drops are used.

Jon Bon Jovi—It’s for a new Kenneth Cole cologne for men. Jon is leisurely lounging on the floor, while an unplugged version of his song “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” plays in the background. I think this is the third outing for this song--one for Bon Jovi, one for the duet with Sugarland, and now this one. That’s a whole new type of recycling.

Cox Cable—The ad starts with a beautiful sunrise while the voice over talks about the rise of wonderful technology. Ain’t metaphors grand? Then the voice starts to talk about how great it will be with watching everything in HD, watching any time they want, even watching TV on their cellular phones. What? Wait. There are already enough idiots driving while talking on these tools of the devil, and now they can watch TV while driving? Can’t they just use Tivo and watch it later? Sometimes progress isn’t so good.

Dog Food—I love this ad. All the adorable dogs, with their ages and names flashing while they smile in the arms of their happy owners. Every dog is cute. I want a dog.

Birth Control—All this reminded me of an oldie but a goodie. Years ago, there was a commercial with a nice homemaker, her long blond hair wrapped up in a bun, standing in a nursery, her hand oh-so-casually resting on the back of a chair so that her big ol’ diamond rings can prove she’s married and not a fallen woman, and her husband is puttering around behind her. She looks at the camera and says, “After the baby, I didn’t want to go back on the pill.” No shit! It didn’t work too well for ya the fist time, did it? I think that was a diaphragm ad. And it was racy back then!

The other thing I did yesterday was sign on to an MS message board to ask if what I was going through with these steroids was normal. I don't usually lurk around those too much because there's so much horror, but the tone had changed a little since the last time I was there. I got replies instantly telling me to hang in there because I'm going to feel rotten, but it will be worth it. Seems there's this whole "You have to feel worse before you feel better" program with this course of steroids. That's the dumbest thing. You're going to feel better, but first you are going to be as miserable as these tiny tiny little tablets can make you. Hell, anything is better after that.

OK, enough of that. I'm getting the hell out of this house today. It's snowing, so maybe I'll take a little walk. Or go to the library and get some books on CD. Just anything.


Jay said...

Wow, three rollouts for that Bon Jovi song. And I've hated it every single time.

The library is always a great place to get out of the house and go to.

Betty said...

I'm such a hermit, I can't imagine needing to get out of the house after just a few days inside. But, I hope you had a nice day - out of the house.

Peggy said...

Books on tape save my ass when driving as much as I do. Thing is, the last book on CD from the library had the last three CDs missing! I hope they don't blame it on me!!

susan said...

I had no idea I was missing out on so much when I zip through all those commericals with the media center. LOL