Monday, February 19, 2007

Long Weekend

It was a very nice weekend, after all. The temperatures finally went into the 30s and it was almost balmy. On Sunday, I actually wore a different coat than my parka—quite a treat. I didn’t feel like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man any more.


Say what you want about Hilary Clinton, but I think her stand not to apologize or say she made a mistake with her vote on the war shows a lot of integrity and guts on her part. She said that she made the best decision she could have at the time with the information she had; it’s the administration that made the mistake. And she’s right. All these Democrats who are wanting her to say it was a mistake seem to have forgotten what it was like at that time. Anyone who said anything against Bush was labeled a traitor and un-American. And the public wanted some action so badly, we were willing to believe any “evidence” given to us. She has a rough campaign ahead of her.


We went to a Belgium beer tasting on Sunday at our favorite pub, the Dell. Nine beers! No, I didn’t drink all of the samples because I didn’t want to end up under the table. Those tasting are always a lot of fun. They are talking about wanting to do a trip to Belgium like their trip to Scotland. That would be awesome! Chocolate, beer, waffles, and mussels! Not all at once, maybe.


We also went to a motorcycle show down in Lincoln. They get prizes for their displays, so it’s always an interesting show. There were lots and lots of Harleys and a really cool collection of British bikes. Oh, and the Bat Cycle was there! It was pretty darn cool, even signed by creator George Barris. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera, so I don’t have any pics. Sorry. Plus I don’t have any pics of the old man made up to look like Papa Smurf and his wife dressed up like a Teletubbie. I really wish we had the camera for that. We don’t know why they were dressed up that way, but what the hell.


Since I've been forced to change to new Blogger, I'm going to play around with the layout a little. I think it's time for a change. Plus, I have some cool banners that Newt made for me that I want to use. We'll see how it goes.

Have a great week everyone.


Jay said...

Are there any apartments for rent near the Dell? Just wondering.

Chelle Y. said...

Ah, after reading this post, the word "chocolate" jumped out at me. Am I hungry or what? Haha!

Kell said...

Jay--If we get extended here, we may start looking.

chelle--Chocolate always stand out for me, too.

Newt said...

Me too, I read chocolate and it was all over. I think another trip for booze and chocolate in Europe would be fabulous. And the temps were amazing. Today, it was awesome.

Betty said...

It's hot here, today - low 70's. Why don't you start carrying your camera with you every time you leave the house, like Jay does. It's like all habits. Pretty soon you'll feel nekkid without it.

Ellie said...

Okay. Chocolate, beer and waffles all sound good to me. I have never been to a beer tasting but I think that it sounds like it would be fun and definately something I should put on my "To Do" list

her indoors said...

mmmmmm talking of chocolate i have just been given a massive bar of cadbury's so i off now to eat and eat and eat it mmmmmm