Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Mumblings

It looks like my friends the Zs really are going to move. I knew they were, but I've been in denial, thinking that maybe something will happen and they'll get to stay. But, next week the packers come, then the movers, then they'll leave for their new assignment on Saturday. One more week. I am used to friends moving, but we've been friends since college and this was the first time we've been stationed together, so it's a little sadder. But he got a great assignment and they are living in a beautiful area of Colorado, so I'm happy for them. Plus, we have a place to stay if we want to go to the Great Beer Festival.


Al is threatening to call me "old girl" while we're in Scotland. I told him it's Warrior Lass. *Sheesh*


I'm doing better on the Winter Weigh Down diet I started now that my emotions have leveled off. For a while there, I almost pulled out because it just wasn't a good time to tell me that I couldn't have something. Plus I was absolutely starving all the time and had the munchies. Damn steroids. So, really it was probably a good thing that I started the diet because it gave me something to obsess about. We'll see how well I do when we're in Scotland and I'm tempted with fish and chips and deep fried Mars bars.


Have you seen all this stuff about "The Secret"? It's been on Oprah twice now and is the big thing in the Yoga places here. Basically, it's the Law of Attraction--the energy you put out comes back to you. It sounds a lot like other self-help theories where you have to believe you are deserving of the things you want and that you visualize then act on what you want. One difference, though, is the importance of gratitude. "Basically, nothing new can come into your life unless you open yourself up to being grateful [for what you already have]." Gratitude leads to forgiveness for those harmful things you are hanging on to, then you can let that stuff go, opening you to achieve what you want. That may be an oversimplification, but that's what I got out of it, any way.

I'm always suspicious of these programs. They seem to say the same thing, just using different catch phrases. I do like, though, their idea that you stop being a victim. And I would agree that the energy you put out is what comes back to you. If you keep walking under a cloud, you'll never know when the light is shining. Hey! I made my own catch phrase. But, I think it's an oversimplification to say that if you accept that you're ready for change and put a positive force ahead of you, then the positive things will come to you. Maybe the movie shows specifically how these people got out of debt, met their soul mate, had a child, and run their own business all in one year, but I find it a little hard to swallow. Maybe that's just my negative energy.


It's a 3-day weekend, so that means Al will have Monday off. And the cold is supposed to break and we're going to be up into the 30s and 40s, so I'm looking forward to a nice weekend.
Hope you guys have one, too.


susan said...

Warrior Lass, I love it! Watch out Scotland, here she comes!

her indoors said...

never mind the deep fried mars bars you got to eat the haggis! have a great weekend

Newt said...

I like your under the cloud phrase, it's very nice. And I love that you are the Warrior Lass. You should have a shirt made up with that on it. And just put in on while in Scotland. you know Al will get a kick out of it.

Patsy said...

You could sell Tee's with Warrior Lass on them! Thats a great logo! You have a great guy with the Valentine Day Routine of cards every day! Im jealous! I follow the idea of "what goes around comes around" meaning what vibes you send out come back to you! So out with the negative and in with the positive!

Neil said...

I found a picture of a deep fried Creme Egg on the internet the other day. Mmmmnnn, delicious.