Friday, February 09, 2007

Taxing Situation

It used to be that we looked forward to the tax return as some fun money. Let’s go buy something electronic!

Then it became a way to pay off a credit card or pay off something electronic.

Then it became a political issue. We listened to all the blather by the conservative talk show hosts who went on about how stupid Americans were when they actually get a tax return because that means that they didn’t get the money they should have had in the first place. (This was during the Gore/Bush run and conservatives were on a “I work hard and I have earned the things I have, so why be ashamed of hard work and give my money to a liberal big government." Or something like that.) So we all changed our withholdings to increase the pay check, then was disappointed not to have the “free money” feeling of a tax return we could actually do something with.

Then it became something that would help pay off or maybe take us on a weekend trip.

Then we bought a house. And since we’ve been here over a year now, the tax return has become a moment of great anticipation again.

I don’t pretend to understand any of this. I’m blissfully ignorant and guide my reaction by Al’s reaction. But no electronics this time and no other big-ticket fun things like a motorcycle (poor Al). No, we must have hit the deductible because we had our carpenter dude (CD) come give us an estimate to update the master bath. Money from the house goes back into the house.

We had been talking about these changes for awhile, usually in a “I was thinking we would do this” and “Really? I was thinking we would do that.” For a hubby who says “Whatever you wanna do,” he sure has a lot of opinions when it comes to decorating.

This update started simple for me—the nasty strip of glamour globes has to go! That’s it. Take them away and this room will be 100% improved.

But, when those go, the new ones are going to look funny over the flat-slab of a mirror bolted to the wall, so how about putting single mirrors over the sinks, then the lights can be over those. Symmetry! Which of course means we’ll have to paint. Hmmm. Painting is going to spotlight how really nasty this vinyl floor is. We really should change that to tile because it’ll look so much better. Oh, and since we’re down there anyway, and a heated floor system would only be another $250, might as well add that in there. And since the gorgeous floor would look awful with that bright-white tile around the tub, we should just carry that tiling up there. Of course, now that we’ve done that, the white counter top and dated taps scream “What the hell? Did you run out of money? I stick out like a sore thumb here!”

And Ta Da! From changing a light fixture to whole new bathroom!

Al is doing a happy dance with thoughts of warm tippy toes and resale opportunities.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Queen of Dysfunction said...

Mmmmm... warm tippy toes and increased resale value. Isn't it sad when we become adults and look forward to home improvement with the same enthusiasm that we used to look forward to road trips?

No? It's just me?

Congrats on the new bathroom.

Jay said...

It's amazing how it all goes together huh? Sounds like it's gonna be pretty cool.

Oh, and don't forget to have them move the switches for the whirlpool bath to a better spot.

Can't wait to see the pictures of the upgrade.

susan said...

Wow, one chunk of money and just changing the the all new and improved! Good luck and don't forget the pictures!

Patsy said...

Now that the new bathroom is on the way, you have to start thinking of what's next! Don't forget time for yourselves. Have fun with your new to be bathroom.

Betty said...

Hey! Here's an idea! How about a door for that room? Privacy. What a concept.

Michelle said...

Never underestimate the selling / happiness-inducing power of a truly great bathroom.

I say the money is being well spent!

Oh, and looking at the post below, I could easily crochet one of those boobs. I wouldn't know how to knit it though...

her indoors said...

happy D.I.Y ing! i am having ayear out from decorating! always seems some room needs revamping!

Newt said...

we just got our first estimate on a bath remodel. Please keep in mind it's to redo a bathroom that is 5X7. Just for a bathtub, vanity, and toilet, new tiling and flooring. We could buy one of those big touring motor bikes. We almost fell over. Sigh..........