Sunday, February 25, 2007

Reading, Ranting and Snowblowing

I have a reading dilemma. I got The Club Dumas from the library because Newt really liked it, and she hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Then the library called because the book Restless by William Boyd came in. I put that book on hold months and months ago. I don’t even remember where I heard about it, but I for some reason, at some point, I wanted to read it badly enough to put it on hold. And it does sound very interesting.

Then, while I was furiously trying to finish knitting a shawl I wanted to take to Scotland, I listened to Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s Dance of Death, which picks up where Brimstone left off. I didn’t particularly like Brimstone, but I loved Dance of Death. I couldn’t put the disks in fast enough to find out what was going to happen next. So, now I really want to read Book of the Dead, which is the end of Diogenes trilogy. I’ve been reading this series of books (missing a few, but mostly all) since The Relic, so I’m vested in these characters.

That’s 3 books I want to read right now! How will I ever decide? This is a dilemma I can live with, however. Well, it’s easy to decide one because I don’t have Book of the Dead, so unless I get it before the trip, that’s not going to happen. I think I’ll start the other two and see which one pulls me in.


My friend told me about a very disturbing conversation she had with a lady from her church. Seems this lady has something like 6 kids and homeschools because the evil public schools will turn her children into pagan homosexuals. Those are my words and interpretation, BTW, but you’ll see why in a second. So, the ladies are talking about the gossip rags and tabloids, and the homeschooler says, “Oh, I don’t even want to teach my children how to read because they’ll be able to read those newspaper and magazine headlines at the checkout stand.” And she’s serious.

*Staring in disbelief and unable to respond for a second*

*Recovering* Are you f*#$ing kidding me? Hell, why don’t you just lock ‘em in a dark basement and throw bagels and apples to them. That is the worst example of homeschooling I’ve ever heard, and I’m a supporter of homeschooling—when it’s done responsibly through certified and responsible organizations that make sure the kids are actually learning and not staying home because they’re afraid of the class bully (I know some mothers who homeschool because their little ones were afraid of a class bully). But, overall, I know there are some great homeschool programs out there and some great parents doing a great job homeschooling. But this woman is an example of the scary side.

Even my friend, who is the nicest and most gracious Southern Belle you’ll ever meet, told her she was crazy and that was a stupid idea. The woman was nonplussed and repeated her desire.

It’s just scary.


I will not be making a commentary on the Oscars because I am not watching it. I’m so tired of award shows and the constant recognition these celebrities seem to need. Yes, the Oscars are a big deal, and it is one of the few award shows I would normally watch. But I haven’t seen many of the films nominated, and I’m just not as impressed by the glitz as I used to be.

Besides, there’s an episode of Midsomer Murders on tonight that I don't think I've seen. I know this is going to sound a little strange, but MM is my comfort show. Yeah, people die gruesome deaths and there’s a lot of general tom-foolery going on in these little Cotswold-like villages, but it’s on Sunday nights, and that’s when I take my shot. So, I get everything ready, then during the last 30 minutes of the show, I run upstairs during a commercial and take my shot. This way I do it quickly so I can get back to the show to see who did it, even if I already know because it’s a rerun. The nights when it’s not on are very upsetting to me. I should write to the Biography channel and ask them to please not take MM off of Sunday night’s schedule. I’m sure they’d listen to me. Don’t cha think?

Oh, I will, however, be searching the net to see what everyone was wearing to the Oscars ☺


We’ve had glorious weather until Saturday night. Rain turned to sleet then to heavy, wet snow. So, we woke up to this:

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Looks like a good day for a Pajama Day! That snow is so heavy that it stayed on the tree limbs despite 25 mph gusts of wind. Al fired up the snowblower, so our driveway is clear. And the sun came out today, so the driveway is also dry. Now if they’d just plow the street in front of the house . . .


Betty said...

I can tell you what some of them were wearing - the dance troupe who performed behind the screen was nekkid. Elen Degeneres said so!

Our electricity went out at 6:30 and didn't come back on until 7:45, so we didn't get to see the red carpet parade.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

You know, I know a homeschooler who has a similar bend as the woman you mentioned. Perhaps we should get my person and your person together and they can take their kids bowling. Well, after blind-folding them of course.

I love the photos. I have never lived anywhere with snow, so these are amazing!

susan said...

And that woman is why Big Brother exists! UGH!!!

I didn't watch the show...I just don't care enough. But I do like to see what they wore. Does that make me a hypocrite?

Peggy said...

Once the street gets plowed, that's the end of the snow day. Life has to go back to normal. I'd love a good snow day.

Tink said...

Wouldn't having uneducated children make them MORE gullible to the smut on TV/Tabloids? People are so weird.

Your throwing bagels and apple comment made me SOL (Snort out loud). ;)

Ellie said...

I fully agree, it's absolutely scary that the mom doesn't teach her children to read. It's people like her that give homeschool a bad name.

Good luck with your reading dilemma!

Lena said...

Homeschooling does have many advantages but God help that little kid. If the mother is serious about her decision then I hate to think in what other ways she'll try to 'protect' her kids.

* * * * * *

Scotland is due more snow soon Kell. Here's hoping it lasts longer than a day this time! It's a precious part of winter. For kids of ANY age!

Kell said...

Betty--They were nekkid! Darn. I always miss the good stuff.

Queen--Blind-fold bowling haha. She doesn't want them to read, but she doesn't mind putting them putting on shoes that who knows has worn! The snows melting pretty fast, but we're supposed to get more this week.

Susan--Then we'll be hypocrite together!

Peggy--They are really good about clearing roads here, at least the main roads. But we'll be spraying gravel and sand for weeks.

Tink--Yes, people are weird. You know that mom is secretly buying those tabloids and reading them!

Lena--I bet it's gorgeous there when it snows! I'll be there in another week!

Michelle said...

TWO more weeks?! Get crackin' girl! Or is that "Warrior Lass"?

Seriously, what gets done will get done and what doesn't doesn't. No biggy, k?

Loooove the dilemma of which book to read. At least you have that dilemma! Think of that poor little homeschooled kid! ;o)

Newt said...

Club Dumas may not be the edge of your seat reading you are looking for. If you want to totally escape try the other one first. Dumas is a mystery, adventure, escape certain death type of story, but it is also a little on the thought heavy side. But of course in a good, refreshing, gee, I feel smarter sort of way. That didn't help did it?

MikerZZ seemed to like it. That didn't help either did it?

And I can't imagine a world without reading. Oh my goodness. It's the one thing (among many) my parents did for me that I am most thankful for.