Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday Musings

About a month from now, I will be winging my way to Scotland. I told myself I would wait to start a countdown when it was actually a month (7 Feb), but I’m just so damn excited! I’m trying not to practice pack and peak too soon. But I’ll have to think about it because shoes are such a major issue; ya gotta balance walkability with fashion. It’s not so easy. I have the knitting under control—I’m not taking everything. But I have to take something to work on and some easy patterns for when I fall in love with some gorgeous wool and just have to knit something. Hats for everyone!

And I, of course, reminded Al that he can buy as much scotch as he wants. He just has to remember we’re going to Italy in May, and how much he spends on whisky is how much I’m going to spend on shoes and/or purses. Fair is fair.

We’ll be there a couple of weeks, then my brother, Jay, will have to post something like:

Many of you have asked what has happened to Kell and why haven’t we heard from her. Well, she went primal. She threw on a tartan kilt and started calling herself “Warrior Lass” and was last seen running deep into the Highlands, clutching size 11 bamboo knitting needles in her hands and with strands of yarn mixed in her hair.

It could happen.


I had my 6-month follow-up mammogram today. Six months ago I had my first one and since they didn’t have anything to compare it to and noticed some kind of A-typical doohickey, that the doc was 98% sure was just a think spot, wanted to look again in 6 months because if it was something that would grow, it would in that time. No growing. We will have no growing. My breast is fine, thank you.

But you know what really sucks? I have to do it again in 6 months! Both of them this time because it will get me back on a yearly schedule.

But I’ll think of that tomorrow (said with hand draped palm up over my forehead).


I drove the truck today. That’s always an adventure. It was pretty fun, actually. Al had it tuned to a Classic Country station, which is really surprising. Usually, there’s nothing but Classic Rock in his car. But I just can’t stand to have on a Classic Rock station. At some point, during some night as I slept, a transmitter was beamed into my head so that some powerful being would know when I was in the car, listening to a Classic Rock station and would play nothing but “Sweet Home Alabama,” Rush, and the longest Led Zeppelin songs recorded. Every. Damn. Time. I don’t really have MS; it’s not a lesion, it’s a transmitter in my brain!

So, Classic Country was a nice change. Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline, Waylon, Willie. Not bad.


And for your quik MS lesson for today, I’m going to try to type this without corrections because it is craking me upthe way my brain is jumping round and I’m leaving stuff out and mispelling words. Especially course the word sthat Microsoft usally corrects for me. There are cognitive MS symptoms but I’m thinking this is steroids my brain is kind of jumpi, jumpy. It is getting better though. I always type post in Word becasue I am a horrible speller. Now it's more important to do that.

I'm half way through sterod course now and am only taking 1 four times a day instead of 2 four time a day. the steroid or the combination of those and the other thoughsand pills I am taking are messing with my taste buds. Milk and many things taste sour. And I love mild. But chocolate and salt still tast good.

Whew! OK, that's enough. Back to Word! You wouldn't believe how long it takes me to do this. I have to read several times because some words just don't compute completely. But it's worth it in the end. I hope, anyway.

Hope everyone is having a good week.


Newt said...

I'm still stuck on the "warrior lass" image........too funny. And I think your MS typing was just fine. I understood the whole thing. It's not that bad. No worse than my normal non-MS typing. HTat's for sure (see)

Patsy said...

hey, and what is wrong with yur typing> I didn't notice a thing! It sounds like the steroids are beginning to take effect. And so you have a thingee on your breast! silly its a nipple! It's all going to turnout ok! Just hang in there kid. Eventually I ill get my picture up on the blog and then you can see what a kook I am. hee hee

susan said...

tee hee...telling Al to buy booze so you can buy shoes!

I see nothing wrong with your typing. It takes me forever to type anything as I am constantly having to go back and correct typos and poor spelling. I just blame it on my fingers!

Michelle said...

Wow! "Warrior Lass"... COOL!

Practise packing? I thought I was the only one that did that.

My sis and I just bought some real wool from Iceland for a felting project. I'm so excited about it! I can't even imagine how it would be to be in Scotland and shop and a REAL WOOL SHOP! Don't even try to contain yourself. You'll get hurt. Have fun with it!

The typing... wow. It is mega wonky. Bad steroids! Bad!

Okay, so I killed my email addy and didn't think to write yours down so please do send me a message to taoandzen [at] and I'll return the message with my address. I'm very excited! :o)

Jay said...

"Warrior Lass"? I think we will need pics of that!

I didn't know Al listened to anything other than 70s and 80s rock.

Kell said...

Newt, Patsy, Susan--Thanks for the typing support. I don't start out as any great typer anyway. Getting there!

Michelle--Got the email, thanks.

Jay--Hey. . . I never made that connection. Al doesn't listen to anything other than 70s and 80s music. Maybe HE'S the one with the transmitter!

I'm thinking of changing the name of the blog to Warrior Lass!

Tink said...

Some days it takes me hours to write a post. I go through it so many times correcting spelling and restructuring sentences. It's crazy. I think, "Maybe I should just write and not care." But then the next thought is, "They'd think I was drunk."

P.S. Warrior Lass is an awesome name!

Tink said...

Some days it takes me hours to write a post. I go through it so many times correcting spelling and restructuring sentences. It's crazy. I think, "Maybe I should just write and not care." But then the next thought is, "They'd think I was drunk."

P.S. Warrior Lass is an awesome name!

her indoors said...

hey Warrior Lass scotland is a beautiful place, where abouts are you going?
and italy too hope you get lots of shoes and bags lol

Kell said...

Tink--Being drunk would such a better excuse.

Her Indoors--I'm waiting for the final itinerary, but where basically making the rounds from Edinburgh, to Islay, up towards Inverness and Speyside, then back down to Edinburgh. It's a distillery tour with a bunch of other old inebriatents. I'm along for the ride.

Peggy said...

PLEASE let me know when you'll be here! We'll have tea, take photos and I'll blog them all so that Betty, Jay and others will know you're okay.

Kell said...

Peggy--Yes, yes, yes! I'd love to do that.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Scotland? Italy? I am so jealous...