Monday, August 07, 2006


I was tagged from Lisa this weekend, so without further delay . . .

Five items in my freezer
1. cranberries from last Christmas. I throw them in muffin batter.
2. puff Pastry
3. deer meat from our friend J’s last hunting trip
4. vanilla bean ice cream
5. frozen mixed veggies

Five Items in My Closet:
1. a sack of clothes I keep meaning to take to Good Will
2. more purses than one woman should have
3. my Victoria’s Secret robe that Al got me on, I think, our first anniversary, so it’s 17 years old
4. some beanie babies that my collector friend gave me years ago, worth practically nil now
5. one of those “couples only” games that I borrowed from a friend but never returned and never played. I really should do something about that.

Five items in the car
1. chargers for my iPod and my cell phone
2. the Mannheim Steamroller Halloween CD
3. several maps of the area and the state
4. the “Car Log” where we write down anything and everything we do to the car
5. sun block

Five items in my purse (I don't have a backpack anymore)

1. my notebook to write down what I’m supposed to remember but never do
2. my husband’s work phone number and my cell phone number because I never remember either of them
3. a checkbook with an index card stuck in the register because I’ve run out of lines in the register and haven’t bothered to get another one yet because they don’t have my bank anywhere in Nebraska
4. my Bodleian Library pen that I bought in Oxford 3 years ago—the longest I have ever held onto a pen without losing it
5. Burt’s Bees lib balm—can’t live without that stuff

I tag, well, I tag anyone who needs something to blog!


jd said...

I used to have the same check register problem you do for the same reason (an out of state internet bank). Here is the solution that works for me:

1. I stopped balancing my checkbook - I figured in twenty years the bank had never made a mistake so when my balance was off it was because I made a mistake. I worked up to this approach by ignoring any mistake under $200 and just added or subtracted account differences from my checkbook register.

2. Then I stopped keeping a check register all together, because I figured if I'm not balancing my checkbook anymore why don't I just look on the internet to see what my balance is and not worry about keeping a register. This works best if you only write a few checks a month, and with online bill pay is much easier than it was several years ago.

If you keep a savings account tied to your checking with some overdraft protection, this approach makes life much simpler.

saz said...

So what was YOUR plan for the puff pastry. Every time I open the freezer door I look at my puff pastry and try and remember what I bought it I cook or bake?

Jay said...

I've never been good at balancing my checkbook. Oh I can do that math just fine. It's just that it is such a pain. But, online banking has solved all that for me too.

Kell said...

jd--what a great idea! I hate balancing the checkbook and only write checks to pay a few bills. That would take a little control away from me though, and I'm a bit of a control-freak. But not so much that my balance ever agrees with the bank.

saz--peel and dice some apples, mix them with some sugar, cinnamon, nutmet, little bit of flour and fill those pastry cups. Bake until golden. Top with ice cream or whipped cream and you have something that looks fancy but was soooo easy

jay--I obviously didn't inherit the "math" gene in the family.

saz said...

Thanks Kell - You really do know how to cook! Would never have thought this up.

Kala said...

good luck with ur new pub! =)

Kell said...

Thanks kala. Everyone seemed to enjoy it Saturday night.

Susan's other blog said...

You are supposed to balance a checkbook???? How come I didn't know that!

Did you know I featured you on my other blog? Did you know I started a new blog while your internet was down?

Anonymous said...

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Kell said...

Susan--no, I didn't know! I don't know how I missed that. Must have been while I was down. Thanks!