Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Snakes. Why does it have to be snakes?

I like to go to Apple site and check out the new movie trailers. It opens my mind to some movies that are coming out that I might not normally go to. But when I saw the movie Snakes on a Plane listed, I thought that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. No one would go see that.

Apparently, I don’t have a clue about the viewing public.

According to my local paper, there’s a cult following for this movie, and people can’t wait to see it. They reference the campy title and the star Samuel L. Jackson as part of the reason. Yeah, I like Jackson, too, and I would go see most things he’s in. But campy title? I think it’s terrifying! I can’t even watch the trailer, and I like scary movies. It’s definitely a heeby-jeeby movie. The article said, “Fans have designed their own T-shirts and created entire Web sites dedicated to the movie. One of the most notorious is the”

Also, now “snakes on a plane” has become lingo for “whatever” or “stuff happens.” Huh?

The article went on and on about how funny everyone thinks it is. When did I stop having a sense of humor? The trailer looks pretty serious to me. I thought I knew campy. Batman TV series = campy. John Waters films = campy. Venomous snakes loose on a plane, that just doesn’t seem campy.

So, someone go see it and tell me what it’s like. I would, but the seats in the theater don’t sit high enough, considering that I would be completely crouched in them. There’s no way I’d put my feet down on the floor during that movie.


saz said...

I'm with you - so NOT CAMPY.

F&W said...

Sorry, you two. I hate stupid movies but this is definitely a campy movie with a campy title. I suppose one has to be a S.L. Jackson fan and know what kind of lines he's had in other movies to really be a gushing fan for this one. I'll wait for DVD (I don't do theatre movies) but I'm excited about seeing it. Also, the line, "why did it have to be snakes?" is a famous line from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Indiana Jones has a phobia about snakes and when he drops down into the pit to get the ark, it is, of course, swarming with snakes. Hence, the line. ;)

This certainly doesn't mean you don't have a sense of humour. It just appreciates different types of humour. Me, personally? I prefer sharp wit over physical comedy any day. That film, "There Something About Mary" was tortuously stupid. Hmmm...long bloody comment now. Perhaps I should do a post of my own? ;)

Jay said...

Samuel L. Jackson does have this strange cult following. But to paraphrase Jackson: "There's no MFing way I'm gonna watch this MFing movie and there isnt' a GD thing you can do about it".

I won't even watch the trailer. I hate snakes.

Kell said...

Jackson did say that he did the movie because he liked the title. They were going to change it because they thought it gave away too much of the plot and the surprise, but Jackson got mad and they changed it back.

I still can't watch it. I don't even think I could watch it on DVD. I feel like Indiana Jones--I relate to the feeling!