Monday, August 28, 2006

Off the Top of My Head

We watched a BBQ competition on the Outdoor Network Sunday evening, and now I’m craving BBQ. The funniest moment on the show was when they unveiled the meat the contestants would have to cook and it was a whole hog! Yes, the whole, skinned and gutted hog--as the emcee said, “From rooter to tooter.”

We used to go to a pig roast every year at our friend the Judy’s place. Jim would bury the hog in a pit with special seasonings. And it was sooooo good. But it was good because I saw it as food on a platter. As opposed to a pig roast we went to in Florida that was the whole hog on the grill and we just walked up and they cut meat and put it on the plate. Ew. I just can’t eat things that look like what they were. They can’t be looking at me.

Also in Florida, I ordered a soft-shell crab sandwich. I don’t know why, I knew soft-shelled crab was cooked whole, but I had a brain fart and ordered it any way. My sandwich came out with legs sticking out from under the bun. I took a couple of big bites because Al was laughing at me and daring me, but that was all I could do.


After a long discussion with Al about how we need to curb our spending and put more in savings in case he decides to retire in 4 years, I went out and bought a sewing machine. Yeah, it was a great price; yeah, it’s a great machine; yeah, I’ve been saying all year that I want a better machine than my 18-year-old Kenmore with a whopping 4 stitches; yeah, I called Al from the store and asked what he thought and he said get it and Merry Christmas. But I still felt and still do feel guilty about buying it. So guilty, I was crying when I got home, carrying my new machine. Al thought there was something awful wrong, and when I finally told him in between sobs, he just hugged me and told me it was alright. I was almost inconsolable. Then, he started laughing. I could feel his shoulders jumping up and down, and he said, “You crack me up.” So, my sobs turned into laughter. Only I could cry uncontrollably and feel guilty about buying something I’ve been wanting for a long time. But, I don’t buy big stuff like that for myself. The most expensive indulgence for me is to get my hair colored every 8 to 10 weeks. And that’s really more of a necessity, don't ya think? It’s budgeted!

So, I have a new sewing machine that has already made my quilt block sewing much more enjoyable. It’s a Pfaff ClassicStyle Home 2029. And the best part? They’re going to teach me how to use it! So, I don’t have to rely on my ability to follow a user manual, which is always a good thing.


There’s an interesting article in the NY Times today wondering if stars are really worth that huge salary—A Big Star May Not a Profitable Movie Make (you may have to register to read it). It says there really isn’t a correlation between the star and the profits, so why do they pay them so much? Yeah, some stars do bring in huge profits, but some stars also choose movies they know people want to see them in. And some stars are in really good movies—the movie makes the star. It was a pretty cool article. I’m one of those who believes acting is a difficult thing and I don’t fault them for wanting a good salary, but c’mon. Tom Cruise makes $75 million a picture! But then, unlike many women, I am not a Tom Cruise fan. I liked Risky Business, but that was pretty much it. $75 million? Hmmmph.


Newt said...

Congrats on the sewing machine! That's sooo exciting. And you use it so it's not like you spent a load of money on, say, a crystal statue. It will more than pay for itself darl'n.

I'm with you on the food that doesn't look back at you thing.

And I agree, on the salary vs. quality thing. The hubster sent me an article that Pirates is approaching the billion $ mark. I am so happy for Johnny Depp. He can pretty much command any salary and make any movie. He chooses to make good films with interesting characters. I respect him for never selling out. Tom Cruise, I'm glad the studios are dropping him. They should. He'll be lucky if he can command 75,000 if he keeps up the whack job stuff.

P.s. thanks for posting. I love reading your blog.

Reel Fanatic said...

$75M .. sheesh .. I had no idea it was that monstrously high! No wonder Sumner Redstone was no longer willing to invest so much in someone who was clearly cracking up

jd said...

We attended a pig roast on Saturday. I pointed out to my kids when we arrived that that was dinner they were unloading from the back of a trailer. The beast was carried on a stretcher and covered with a blanket. It looked like a corpse. They were dubious when I said it was a pig. I ate salad for dinner.

Congrats on the new sewing machine. Excellent brand.

Betty said...

I don't like to come eyeball to eyeball with my dinner, either. I won't eat a fish with its head still attached, for instance. But, I do love BBQ! If you recall, the Judys also BBQed a goat, and you never knew which you were getting. "Rooter to Tooter". I love that.

F&W said...

Are you ready? I'm going to break out the pun machine and say, "I'm sew excited for you!" Aren't I a stinker? ;)

Ew. Dinner cannot, must not, arrive with it's original shape intact. I cannot, must not, know what it was. *shudder* If it weren't for the sometimes delish taste of poultry and fish, I could be a veggie. Give up sushi though? No way.

I, too, am not a Tom Cruise fan. Even before he went all wacky, I would watch a movie of his (always a rental) and say, "Yup. It's Tom pretending to be a [fill in the blank] again." To me, he's just be believable or seamless in his characters.

Jay said...

Although there are some actors that I think are always great, I almost never watch a movie simply because a certain actor is in it. I've always been amused at people that gripe and complain about the salaries that professional athletes get but not about actors. Especially since so many actors make so much more for so little work. Not saying that athletes aren't overpaid, just saying they do more work than most actors and given the relatively short career of an athlete, over the long haul they will generally earn less than most big name actors.

I also find it strange how the "media" will declare someone so incredibly great when they really aren't. Sarah Jessica Parker comes to mind immediately but there are many others.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this comment so I'll stop now.

Oh yeah ... and enjoy that sewing machine. You'll get great use out of it for many years. It's not like it is going to just sit around and collect dust!

Now, that's all.

Kell said...

Newt--Aww shucks, thanks, Newt. I love your blog, too. And I agree with you about Johnny Depp. He's one of the few, hell he may be the only, actor that I'll watch whatever he is in.
Oh, and I just finished the John Dunning book (I'm a very slow reader) and loved it! I'll be reading the others now.

Reel Fanatic--Welcome and thanks for commenting. Tommy does seem to have gone around the bend, doesn't he? But I think this started a long time ago. Maybe doing the Kubrick movie threw him off kilter.

JD--Yeah, salad is always the safe bet. I really couln't eat any of that pork. It gives me the shivers even now. And yeah, I think I'm going to be really happy with my Pfaff.

Mom--Goat? You let your baby girl eat goat?!? Yeah, actually I do remember that now. I had goat in San Antonio, too; it's popular in some Mexican dishes. Greasy and dark meat. Ew. I think I'll stick with salads.

Chelle p--You are so punny! I love puns.
If my husband would eat seafood, I'd eat a lot more of it. But there was that time I went to a Greek restaurant with a girlfriend and shared a dish of calamari. I was expecting just the rings, and they were there, along with little baby octpus-looking things! Neither one of us could eat those.

Kell said...

Jay--ramble away! And you're right, more people complain about athelets overpaid than celebrities. And that's not including all the many many perks that the celebrities get. And the media is responding to whoever the agents are pushing that month. How many more photos of Lindsey Lohan do we have to see? Good God!

saz said...

This is why I'm a vegetarian!

And Kell - you deserve the super dooper sewing machine. You'll be pumping out quilt squares every week now.