Friday, August 18, 2006


It’s already August and I still haven’t finished some of the Christmas projects I’m working on. I haven’t even started some of the other projects I wanted to give away as gifts. It may be a knit-less Christmas for some this year. Was that a big sigh of relief I heard out there? I know who you are!


This has been one of those weeks I just couldn’t get motivated to do anything. Oh, I did the things that had to be done—bought groceries, took a friend to the airport, cooked dinner, got squished by a mammogram machine—but other than that, I just kind of stared at the walls, waiting for inspiration. Damn no-help walls.


Hubby had a major exercise in his section this week. It was a little stressful, to say the least. Generals had to be briefed, standards had to be met and preferably exceeded, and it all had to go off without a hitch. It should be over by this afternoon, so I sent cookies in with Al for the guys. Gotta keep them liking him! BTW the cookies were the ones I call Road Trip Cookies. You can find the recipe here under "Craving" March 8, 2006.


I have wonderful, wonderful news! I’m going to Scotland next March! Our favorite bar here, the Dundee Dell, has a group that goes every 3 years. The Dell has the largest selection of scotch outside of Scotland. I’m not the connoisseur Al is, but I like a wee dram every now and then. Anyhoo, we’re off with the other boozers to tour distilleries on a whirlwind trip. I’ll post more about it later and let ya in on the itinerary. One of the best things about this trip? I don’t have to plan a blessed thing. All I have to do is get on the bus. We’re going to places I would have planned to go to, but now I don’t have to!


We’re also planning a trip to Italy in May next year. Yeah, I know, we suck. But we’ve been careful (and lucky in some instances) and it looks like we can swing both trips. The Italy one is a little scarier. I have to do some planning for this one. Everyone tells me not to worry and just have fun, but I’m way too controlling for that. I won’t feel OK until I at least have our hotel reservations and know we have places to stay. The rest we can work out any time. If it was just me, I might wait until I got there and just find a place, but there will be 6 of us. It was going to be 4, now it’s going to be 6. That’s a lot of different personalities to please, and I always seem to think it’s my job to make sure everyone is pleased.


Al’s going out of town for a couple of days next week. I want to go see a movie but can’t decide. Should it be some funny escape, like Talladaga Nights or Accepted, or maybe something scary, like The Descent or The Night Listener, or eye candy, like Scoop (Hugh Jackman), Pirates (Johnny Depp), Miami Vice (Colin Farrell, Jamie Fox), or maybe animation, like Cars or Monster House. Hmmmmm. No art houses here, so it’ll have to be something mainstream. What do you think?


And here's a link to videos about the movie 300. I don't know much about it because I've never seen the graphic novel it's based on. But I do know that there are a lot of well toned, muscular men running around in loin cloth kinds of things. This is really more for Newt. And damn you for reminding me about Gerard Butler!


Betty said...

I vote for the Hugh Jackman. Those cookies sound good, too.

saz said...

Both trips sound WONDERFUL! Where in Italy?

Susan said...

I'm still stuck up at the top where you are worried about not having Xmas gifts that for last year? Or this year? Because you have 3 1/2 months before you have to worry about that you know...

Both of your trips sound wonderful! Shaun and I are trying to figure out how we can make it to Ireland...we have to do something *together*. This has been a strange year.

saz said...

I'm glad Susan said it - I was thinking it. It's a long long time till Xmas and you just made us very nervous.

Peggy said...

Hey Scotland AND Italy - lucky you! Are you going to be way up in Dundee?

P.S. Don't worry about going to Italy - It's fantastic! Modern country, you can drink the tap water and they have beautiful waiters sprinkled all over the place.

Kell said...

OK guys, sorry for the panic moment! But I'm a very slow knitter and a really good procrastinator. You're right, there's still plenty of time!

Susan--Just go! I would love to go to Ireland, that's next on my list. Stay in B&Bs, they're cheaper and just go. It's so worth it.

Saz--We'll probably hit the big 3 (Rome, Florence, Venice) with day trips to Pisa, Tuscany area, things like that.

Petty--Yes, we will be up in Dundee! First we're going to Islay then up close to Inverness then back to Edinburgh. Our first trip to Scotland we stayed in Braemar and loved it. Thanks about Italy. I'm getting more excited as I think about it.

Betty said...

Kell said: "If it was just me, etc., etc." Too funny. If it was just you, you'd already have room reservations, car rentals, itinerary, and know exactly what you are going to pack. LOL

Kell said...

Peggy--OK, they won't let me go back and fix misspelling! Sorry I got your name spelled wrong!

And I double-checked our itinterary. We have a free day that some people are going to St. Andrews, that's about as close as we get to Dundee.

F&W said...

"Damn no-help walls."

LOL! We've got the same walls!! :P

*insert sing-somg voice* Kell's going to Scotland! Kell's going to Scotlaaaannnd!

Kell said...

chelle p.--Now I've got that song stuck in my head! Not a bad song, though.

Lisa said...

Kell, I'm excited for you about the trips--that sounds wonderful! As for Italy, it is the one country in Europe that I have traveled in most, and I would love, love, love to share some things I have learned there, if you are interested! ;P

Newt said...

Oh, your trips sound marvelous. *Green with envy* - Uh, the movie 300 - SWEET! My yummy yummy in skimpy loin cloths. Does it get any better???? Maybe I need to make a road trip to Nebraska when this sucker comes out and we can go be drooling girly girls together.

Kell said...

Lisa--I would love, love, love any and all help for the Italy trip! It's the first time I'm going to a foreign country where I don't have a friend who lives there. I'm on my own!

Newt--Can you believe those videos!?! *fanning myself* Road trip! Great idea. We can bring those little portable fans with us.

Tink said...

I just can't get over the fact that you're already working on Christmas presents! You are impressive. I have to really kick my own butt in gear come the end of November. :)