Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I told myself many times that I would not wait until the last minute to do these quilt blocks for the next block-of-the-month meeting. But I never listen to myself. Plus, I screwed up several times and even had to go back for more material. Triangles! Nothing but triangles! Do you know how hard triangles are to do? Well let me tell you. They're friggin' impossible!

OK, I'm better now. But that "Flying Geese" pattern is a pain in the butt. I lost count how many times I ripped the seams out and resewed, and still my points don't point very well or line up. But, I'm as done as I'm going to get. So, without further ado, the latest 2 blocks. (http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifThe first 2 blocks can be seen here--July 19, Energy Abound.)

Old Fasioned Star

This one was fairly simple. Big triangles aren't so bad, so this one turned out pretty good, I think.


Not so happy with this one, but it turned out better than I thought it would. I wouldn't have picked out these colors and patterns, but that's what came in the kit. And considering it only cost me $4.50 to make this block, I'm not complaining. But it took me hours! Hours I tell you! BTW, the center blocks along the edge of the larger block, the ones with two triangles in the center, that's "Flying Geese." I don't know why, but I guess if you have a quilt full of those (heaven forbid) it looks like the pattern geese make when flying.


On the cooking front, I think it's time I made some pesto. Look at the way my basil has grown! And I have a ton of mint, too. So, mojitos for everyone! Come to think of it, the rosemary and the sage are doing well, too. Hmmmmm. Gotta think on that one.


saz said...

First - I love both squares! I thought I wanted to learn quilting but maybe not - don't need the tension of ripping out. No wonder you're not working on your Xmas knitting.

Second - The mint is in the box right? Don't EVER plant it in the ground. I made that mistake and it spreads like a weed and you can never get rid of it - overtakes anything you plant close to it. BEWARE! Same rule applies for bamboo - big mistake in the ground - at least here in California.

Betty said...

Oooooooo, you're a gardener! Those plants look awesome. And, so do the quilts.

Jay said...

WOW! The quilts look great. And the pesto will be great on some paninis with whatever else you want to put on them.

Kell said...

Saz--the mint is in box. The lady I bought it from at the Farmer's Market warned me. Thank goodness because it's everywhere!

F&W said...

Oh I'm so in awe of the squares/triangles that had to be ripped out and sewn many times. They are gorgeous! And they are a lot further along than I ever got with quilting! ;)

Great plants. They look very happy.

Susan said...

I tried to quilt once...I'm just not detailed enough nor have enough patience to make it perfect. (and of course, it would have to be perfect).

I admire your patience, you did a beautiful job on those squares.

Newt said...

Very cool crafting work there!

The hubster planted mint near the back door. Every year since I moved in with him the mint has struggled and barely come up. This year the mint took over the area he planted it in as well as a huge chunk of lawn. And it drapes over the walk way - and it attracks flies. Billions upon billions of flies. It might make the whole yard smell absolutely incredible, but dang, the flies are just a killjoy.

Kell said...

Thanks for compliments. It's amazing how much better they look in a photo! I don't know about how much patience I have, though. It always bugs me when I can't do things right the first time. Of course, I hardly ever do things right the first time!