Saturday, July 15, 2006

"You cheated . . . Pirate"

This week one of my best girlfriends and I went to see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It became obvious that our husbands did not want to see it when they kept ignoring our suggestions of going. My husband discovered a long time ago that it is easier to ignore the suggestion than to say no and suffer the wrath of “we always do stuff you want to do, why can’t we do what I want to do.”

Of course, we had to have popcorn, so it was already a good start. I was pretty satisfied with just one Pirates movie but was looking forward to this one. Actually, I look forward to anytime I can see Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom on a large screen, but that’s a different issue.

So, I just have one word for this movie: Tentacles! The beastie has tentacles, Davy Jones has tentacles, and they are always moving in that slimy, snakelike way. And with tentacles comes mucus and slapping/sucking noises.

There’s a much higher “ick” factor in this movie. I think I preferred the “living dead in the moonlight” people to the “living dead from the ocean” people. The hammerhead shark guy, the barnacles stuck to people’s faces, seaweed for hair, in addition to all the tentacles. Ew. But it’s to the make-up, costumer, and special effect’s people that deserve the credit. It sucked (pardon the expression) me into a whole other world. And as in the first one, there's great sword fighting, especially when Jack, Will, and the Commodore are all fighting each other.

Johnny Depp was great, again, as Capt. Jack Sparrow, but it wasn’t as much fun as discovering that character in the first movie. But this has got to be one of his greatest creations. Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly are back in the adventure and have the enviable distinction of being the only ones with pretty, white teeth. How do they keep their teeth so nice when everyone else looks like they’ve been eating squid ink risotto? Anyway, the best addition, IMHO, to the cast is Bill Nigh (also of Underworld, Love Actually, Shaun of the Dead). He was awesome as Davy Jones. I think he’s awesome in all that he does, but he did really well here considering that he had to act with an octopus for a head.

And can I just say, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp are so much more desirable as pirates. Why oh why does the bad boy, long hair, scruffy face seem so much sexier than their real selves. OK, so Johnny Depp still has the bad boy, long hair, scruffy face thing goin’, but Orlando Bloom is just so darnn pretty. The rougher look works for him, babe. Or would that be, works for me?

I really liked the ending of the movie—I thought it was cool. And I’ll go see the third Pirates movie when it comes out next year, too. Savvy?


Betty said...

I just saw the first "Pirates" movie tonight, on TV - or, I should say, I saw parts of it. Need I explain that it didn't hold my attention? I enjoyed the parts I saw, but was too restless to sit still and watch. I do like Johnny Depp, though, and Orlando Bloom. Kiera Knightly would could stand to eat a sandwich, don't you think?

saz said...

Kiera Knightly should at least have a big giant bowl of extra buttered popcorn or check Jay's current post which I'm still having trouble getting out of my mind. I like Johnny Depp too - especially liked his Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow. Betty - we're too much alike - I watched the first "Pirates" on DVD and did the same thing. It was Johnny Depp who always brought my attention back to the movie.

Susan said...

I think I read somewhere that Johnny Depp said he would keep doing the pirate movies as long as his Disney wanted him to as his kids loved the first one so much! It had a lot of "icky" in it, but I thought it was such a fun movie...there was a lot of "yummy" too!

Mark said...

i don't see why your husband doesn't want to go. i thought it was excellent.

Kell said...

mark--he's not a Johnny Depp fan, that's the main reason he didn't go. Besides, he has bad movie karma. Everytime he goes either someone in a big hat sits in front of him or some small child sits next to him, and a cell phone always goes off around him.

Thanks for stopping by.

Good Monday morning to everyone else!

Newt said...

Great review of pirates. It did have the higher ick factor. And joining the yummy sexy pirate duo was Cpt. Norrington. He was looking pretty pirate sexy by the end of the film. I never expected to find him cute. But I did sit up and take notice. I think the scruffy guy thing is just downright sexy. Last of the Mohicans, Legends of the Fall. I'm all for scruffy. And Orlando's counterpart Vigo Mortenson is WAY cuter all scruffy and dark and handsome than he is cleaned up.

Newt said...
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