Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dog Show

We went to the regional Dog Show on Saturday. The list showed lots of different breeds, but they must have not all been there that day. We missed the PBGVs (what Daily was) by a couple of hours.

However, we did see this dog!

This is Darby and she is a Spinone Italiano. She's also one of the dogs we went to see, and I'm in love with this breed. Probably because she looks like larger version of my dog, and also because I love hound dogs. We talked to the owners for a long time while they got ready for the ring. This was quite a nice surprise since many times when we ask questions or if we can pet the dog we're told, "She's about to go in the ring!" OK, OK, sheesh.

And before anyone starts preaching to me about how breeding dogs is barbaric and how I should go to the Humane Society to save a dog, just relax and take a pill. I have no quams with going to the Humane Society and will look there, too, as well as the various dog rescue groups. But if I want a particular dog with particular traits and disposition, then I will go to a breeder. Not some redneck with puppies who have "papers" but a legitimate breeder who has a medical record for all her/his dogs and who interviews me just as diligently as I interview them.The people at this show, at least the ones we met, are serious about keeping the lines healthy, and that's why I would go to a breeder. And even if we do go to a breeder, we will probably want to get an older dog that needs a home.

So, that said, here are some pictures of Darby and Allie.

And here are a few random shots of the show.

Grooming is serious business at these shows. There was hair flying everywhere. This is a Bearded Collie, I think.

Clumber Spaniel

Poodles waiting their turn. They remind me of vultures perched above it all.

I guess the dogs get pretty stressed, so they need a massage. You can't see it, but the one in there didn't seem to be enjoying himself.

For the pet who needs to lose a few pounds--the pet treadmill!


Jay said...

I just love dog shows. Sorry you missed the pbgv's.

Spinone's are really cool dogs. I want three males. I'll name them Sonny, Michael and Fredo.

saz said...

Kell - This is too weird...long time ago I was looking thru Dog Fancy mag. and spotted an ad for the Spinone....we thought it was a joke! When we finally found out this was an actual breed my partner wanted one cuz he was Italian and just fell in love with that face. Never did get one...they were still rare back then or at least hard to find here.

saz said...

Before I offend Spinone breeders let me explain why I thought the ad was a joke. First no picture. I frequently attended dog shows and had never heard of the breed. We thought someone was making it up to sound like Spumoni ice cream...why we thought that I don't know. A year later I bought a book on European breeds and there it was. It was love at first sight. So I vote "yes" on the Spinone!

Kell said...

Al laughs evertime he hears the word "Spinone" he wants to get a male and name him Tony, so he'll be Tony Spinone.

saz said...


Newt said...

What a cute dog. I had never heard of it. But then I had never heard of mine which is Swedish Vallhund. The things you learn. I did get mine from a shelter and for 7 years I thought he was a corgi-shepherd mix until someone spotted him while we were walking and told me they thought he was a very rare breed. We looked up the SV and sure enough, it was our little man. Go figure.....
And I am guilty as charged. I always try to urge people toward the pound puppy. But your level of responsibility about what breeder you are choosing shuts my mouth :-)

Newt said...

And on a totally unrelated note you asked me if I like the John Dunning series with Cliff Janeway. I'm on #2 and I like it more than #1 which I liked a lot!

Kell said...

Newt--I reserved the 1st one at the library and just waiting for it to come in!

F&W said...

The vulture analogy is priceless!

I love dog shows. People are usually so happy to talk about their pets.

Tony Spinone? LOL!

susan said...

Tony Spinone is GREAT!!!

Intesting pictures. I've never been to a dog show. I guess I just pictured prissy looking folk walking their pampered poodles around. Go figure...a puppy massage??!!

jd said...

Looks like a fun show. Thanks for the continued sage advice on selecting a dog. As I have interviewed various breeders, there does seem to be a difference between those in it for the love of their breed and those in it for the money.