Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Attention Indian Food Lovers!

I love Indian food. I love to cook Indian food, but it’s usually an all-day process. But I don’t always have all day to cook, so I am always on the lookout for easy-to-make Indian food.

I’ve found 2 things. One is pretty easy, and one is stupid easy. I like the stupid easy best. Here's the first one:

Madhur Jeffrey’s Quick and Easy Indian Cooking has great recipes that are, well, quick and easy. I’ve made several things in this cookbook and they’ve all turned out great. But even easier is this:

Cook up some chicken and veggies (or just veggies if you like), then add the envelope of the Sukhi paste of your choice, 1 cup of water, and TA-DA! Really good Indian food! Serve over rice and pair that with some heated up frozen Naan, and you’ve got a delicious dinner. The directions on the package say to add everything together, then cook on medium-high until the meat is cooked, but I have this thing about cooking chicken—it has to be really, really done. So, I cut up the chicken and cook it in a little olive oil first, then add the veggies and cook them until they are a little soft, then add the paste and the water. It doesn’t take anytime at all for the sauce to thicken.

We had the Vindaloo last night. Very, very spicy! I’m not going to eat the leftovers until I have some sweet Mango Chutney to cut the heat. It was almost too spicy for my hubby, the man who adds red pepper and/or Tabasco to just about everything. But it wasn't so spicy you couldn't taste the flavors.

I bought the Sukhi’s at our local Organic/Health grocery store, but you can get it at amazon.com, believe it or not.



saz said...

YUM - sounds so good and I'm not a cook so stupid easy it is for me!

Jay said...

If it's too spicy for Al then it's way way wayyyyyyyyyy too spicy for me. But, Indian food is good stuff.

SUsan said...

I was all set to add it to my shopping list until you got the the spicy part!

Kell said...

Jay and Susan--I'm going to try the others because the others may not be spicy. Vindaloo is always spicy. I'll let ya know!