Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A New Day

I'm in the house by myself for the first time since Daily passed away. And I'm doing OK because as some told me, the good memories are taking the place of the sadness.

I'm keeping busy by surfing the net. Yes, there are many other things I could be doing, but what the hell. Jay read his horoscope and put it on his blog. Jay checked his horoscope? That alone is newsworthy. I haven't looked at mine in a while, so I went to yahoo first. One of the nice things about horescopes is that if you don't like one, go find another source, it might be better. So, here's what Yahoo said about me today:

Something fresh and lovely wants to enter your personal life, but first you need to make room for it. Sweep away some old patterns. Get rid of any mental junk. It's time to dump the old. Welcome the new.

Now, this is significant because I got an email from the lady we got Daily from and she said she'll have puppies in the fall and she'll give us one. Of course, I'm ready for another dog right now--actually, I want 2 more dogs. But Hubby is pretty heartbroken and said he doesn't want another pet, ever ever ever. Maybe that horoscope was meant for him. Maybe they mixed up Taurus and Leo today.

So, just for fun, what does my horoscope in our local paper say?

(A 3-star day!) Move slowly this morning. You don't need or want a flub-up. Instinctiveness plays a role with a partner. This afternoon, emphasize what you want. Expect to have excellent results--if not now, ultimately. Tonight: As you like.

Hmmmmmm. I could make a case that it pertains to getting another dog. That's the other nice thing about horoscopes, you can make them fit the way you want them to.

And just for the helluvit, here's what Horoscope.com says:

With a strong aspect between your ruling planet and the moon you are likely to be somewhat preoccupied and a little air-headed today. The lack of earth energy at the moment won’t help, nor will the likely romantic distractions. However, having some amethyst or clear quartz will help you focus.

Huh? So, I'm a ditz today and even Hubby making the moves on me won't help take my mind off things. Well, we'll see about that! I don't have any amethyst, but I saw a beautiful amethyst ring at the mall. Do you think shopping will increase my earth energy?

So many things to think about. But first, coffee. I've been up for hours and haven't had coffee. I think that will help my earth energy, too.


Jay said...

That's really nice of her to offer you another dog. That would probably be pretty cool.

But 2 dogs? I don't know about that. Especially puppies. What a mess they could make.

Kell said...

So, maybe I'm getting a little carried away?

F&W said...

I'm with Jay on the mess factor. A friend of mine had two 7-month-old pups. They got into a bag of charcoal briquettes. Imagine it! Charcoal all over the pups. The carpet. The walls. The vinyl. The couch. The bed. (shudder)

Maybe just one puppy for now?

I'd also give your sweetheart some more time to grieve. We all say goodbye in our own time. He may say 'ever, ever, ever' right now but if he loved Daily that much, he's just got too much love to give to keep from loving another dog. He'll come around in time. Almost all animal lovers do. :o)