Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Got Tagged.

Cool. Something different to do on the ol' blog. Got tagged by Jay, so here it goes.

I AM more than I let people know or see.

to achieve rather than dream.

I WISH Jay realized that he is really talented.

I MISS the thrill of watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.

I HEAR my dog breathing as she's sleeping on the couch next to me.

wonder who badoo oo who. Who wrote the book of love.

I REGRET that I didn't call my dad on New Years Eve, 1996.

going to dwell on what I'm not.

I DANCE so much less than I used to. And that makes me sad.

I AM NOT ALWAYS as nice as people think I am.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS knitted-with-love items for my friends and family.

I WRITE not nearly as much as I think about writing.

I CONFUSE silence with disapproval.

I NEED to stop being afraid.

I SHOULD be in Scotland, writing while tending my sheep in the Highlands, after having a beer with Ian Rankin at the Oxford Bar in Edinburgh.

I START new projects almost every day.

I FINISH nary a project.

I TAG Betty.


Jay said...

Very, very good answers.

Kell said...

Why, thank you. Thank you very much.