Sunday, May 07, 2006

Just One More Thing

I can't stop thinking about that article, and I have one more thing to say.

There was one particular quote near the beginning of the article that has stuck with me:

. . . Judie Brown, president of the American Life League, an organization that has battled abortion for 27 years but that, like others, now has a larger mission. "The mind-set that invites a couple to use contraception is an antichild mind-set," she told me.

That's a bit of a leap, don't ya think? I mean, I take contraception pills because I don't want to have children. I have my reasons for that, none that I'm willing or ready to share with everyone here, but I have my reasons. And none of those are that I am antichildren. She makes me sound like the cold-hearted Baroness Bomburst in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang who sends out the Child Catcher.

Does my using contraception make me an unethical, morally depleted non-Christian? No. Does my using contraception mean that I hate children? No. Does my using contraception mean that I must be branded with a giant "C" on my forhead for being contraceptively childless? No.

And by their definition, even if I use the rythm method, isn't that a forced form of abortion since I'm not allowing my body to be available during times in which I could conceive? And since during breast feeding the body will naturally not let an egg implant, thereby not allowing the body to become pregnant, should women not be allowed to breast feed? You see how silly this all quickly becomes?

And one snide comment, just for good measure. I'm not taking anything a woman who spells Judy with an "ie" seriously.


Jay said...

See, I told you this is where these people have been going all along. Nobody would believe me though. hahaha

The big point of all this that needs to be pressed is that they are talking about denying contraception to MARRIED couples! The STATE basically ORDERING couples to have kids! And, do they outlaw vasectomies also, or do they continue to allow those since they can make it easier to men to cheat on their wives without fear of getting their prosti ... secretary pregnant.

I'm moving to Europe.

Betty said...

You're absolutely right. You are too, Jay, mostly.

Couple this with all those wackos who want to be pharmacists so they can refuse to fill prescriptions for the pill and who knows what else, and it just gets more and more outrageous.

Let's all move to Europe.

Jay said...

"You are too, Jay, mostly."

Mostly? Gee, thanks .. I guess. 8-)