Thursday, May 18, 2006

Be at Peace

It was time. By this morning, Daily wasn't eating or drinking. And she couldn't sit up on her own for very long. She's not suffering any longer. And although I am glad for that, I miss her so very much. My DailyDog. Here's one of the last pictures of her, before her health turned for the worse. She was still able to jump up onto "her" couch.


Lisa said...

Kell, I am so sorry about Daily's passing. You made a hard decision, but it sounds like the right one--she was lucky to have you as her owner. You are in my thoughts and I will hope that your sorrow is quickly replaced by the happy memories of your time with Daily.

Kell said...

Thank you, Lisa. It's a bit of a sobfest over here because we miss her so much. Thanks for your kind words.

F&W said...

Hi Kell
I stumbled onto your blog because I've been reading Jay's, and of course, I read about Daily. I just wanted to share how sorry I am.

I also think Lisa has some sage thoughts... the hope that the sorrow is soon replaced with happy dog memories.

I had to euthanize my favourite pet ever just last month and went back to sleeping with my childhood teddy bear for a few days to help me transition. Sounds silly but I think I needed it. Already I'm able to remember her with happiness that she agreed to be my little friend for so long.

Hang in there!

Kell said...

Thank you Chelle. That's very kind of you. My hubby said that if it wasn't hard there would be something wrong with us.

It'll get a little easier each day, I'm sure.

Thank you again for your kind words.

saz said...

Kell - I also stumbled onto your blog but from Betty's blog. Was happily reading your recent posts and then came to this one. Daily was a beautiful girl. It brought back memories of my sweet Daisy and her heart trouble. Chelle said she went to bed with her old teddy bear for awhile - I slept with Daisy's leash and a toy for longer than I care to admit. I hope Daily's love for you continues to circle your life and bring you comfort.