Sunday, June 17, 2007


It was a beautiful weekend, if a little warm, but it was still beautiful. I don't know where it went. One minute it was Friday night and I was anticipating a fun-filled weekend and now it's over. Sad. But we can't go to VW car shows, have dinner with friends, learn how to play croquet, sleep in, eat a huge breakfast, and sit around drinking coffee and reading the paper every day.


I got my nerve up and thought I'd post a photo of me with the new haircut.

Just kidding. Here they are

So, that's done. Now I'm going back to working on the Italy posts.


Peggy said...

The new haircut suits you well!

It bet it's nice to get the hair off your neck in this warm weather.

Betty said...

Love the new hairdo. But, I'm still upset that you got all my curl, when you were born.

Chelle said...

Oh, I love the haircut! I wish I could wear my hair like that! It looks great!

Your bratty, I mean wonderful brother tagged me. I have to finish it now! :) I am not all that interesting and I could not think of any answers this late at night!

her indoors said...

that is a great hair cut, is it easy to do yourself?

gwen said...

nice hair, at least you chose it yourself, my mother and daughter collude and make me have what they think suits me !!!

susan said...

It's soooo cute! (where is the "before"?)

OK, is your hair really fine? I just ask because of the product comments. I'm trying to grow mine out but it's so...limp. I may print out your photo and say "I want a Kell cut!" tee hee. (would that be OK?)

OH, I want to see the back!

Kell said...

peggy-Thanks. Our temperatures have hit the 90s some days, so I really do like this shorter cut.

Betty--But Jay got the really thick hair.

Chelle--Thank you! I saw that tag--he couldn't give you an easy one, could he?

her indoors--Yes, very easy because I just scrunch it while drying then straighten the front a little bit.

gwen--Thanks. My hubby was out of town and when he came home he was pretty surprised. But he usually doesn't have an opinion, so it's cool.

Susan--It's not that it's fine as much as it needs control. It seems weird putting a curling gel on curly hair, but somehow it works. It also helps to cut in layers. A Kell Cut! I'm famous! (Oh, the back is just curly. I don't do anything but scrunch it while I dry it.)

Lisa said...

Awesome hair, Kell!

Newt said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

You've got the hair that I'm currently trying to get! If only it would grow faster! The cut is gorgeous on you.

You also have the cutest shaped mouth ever. Seriously.

Tink said...

Omg girl. You're a FOX! How come I've never seen a picture of you before? The haircut is awesome btw. Makes me want to chop mine off.