Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Was Just Thinkin'

Johnny Depp is in my pantry and says good morning to me every day. OK, so it’s just his picture on the back of the Corn Flakes box and I’m the one that says, “Mornin’ love,” but it does make for a good start to the day.


Doesn’t it seem a little ironic that a guy known for his extreme characters and his fearless performances is on the back of something as mundane as a box of corn flakes?


I watched a Tom and Jerry cartoon while I was in Italy, waiting to hear them speak in Italian. It took me quite a while to remember Tom and Jerry don’t speak.


The Italians love their MTV, and they actually play videos. While we were there, Linkin Park’s new CD came out, so they aired a special on them. I really enjoyed that. I’ve always liked Linkin Park’s music but never really paid attention to the videos or them—just liked the music. Chester Bennington is kind of cute, huh?


You know you’re getting older when you get into a cab, and the driver turns the radio from a rock station to easy listening.

When we got into the cab going to the Rome airport, I was happy to hear rock on the radio. Then the driver switched it, and we were serenaded by Michael Buble. Now, Buble is OK; I’ve even downloaded a couple of his songs onto my iPod. I was just a little upset that I must have looked like someone who would prefer Buble to say, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Maybe I need a new wardrobe?


I have hobby ADD.

I’ve loaded myself up with knitting projects again. I just can’t help myself. I’d really like to knit my first sweater, but I have so many other projects going on that I never seem to have the time. Plus I have that block-of-the-month club quilt that I’m way behind on. I should have been done in March, but that didn’t happen. Plus, I have an idea for a quilt that I’d like to do, but it’s going to take a lot of work and thinking because I’m just not that good at quilting. Then, I have so many books I’d like to read that I end up not reading anything because I just can’t decide. And because I can’t read and knit at the same time. Oh, and don’t forget the travel scrapbooks that I want to do of Scotland and Italy. I even had the cool idea of doing a smaller album for our friends we went to Italy with for a Christmas present. And I’d really like to learn how to spin. And maybe weave.


I went to celebmatch.com and my best matches are:

P Diddy 100%
Matthew McConaughey 100%
James Gandolfini 98%
David Tennant 98%
Norm MacDonald 97%

Norm MacDonald? Must be my fabulous sense of humor.

Gerard Butler was only a 48% match. What the hell do they know any way?


How big a nerd am I that I want these

I love Levenger.


Now that the trips are over and it looks like we’re going to be home for awhile, I think it’s time to start thinking about getting a dog. Or two. But it’s been a year since our Daily Dog passed away and I’m feeling a little anxious about getting another one. OK, a lot anxious. When we first got Daily, I was in a panic all the time that I wasn’t doing anything right. It was “new mommy syndrome” but with a dog. Al would leave for work and I would cry as he left, saying “I’ll try not to kill the dog while you’re gone.” But I keep going to petfinder.com and the local humane society website to see what’s available.


I really like The Closer, but after watching it I crave cake and cookies. And a Hostess Cup Cake.


Jay said...

My top celeb match is Adriana Sklenarikova? I've never heard of her. I had to look her up on wikipedia. She's a Slovak fashion model. Jewel and Shania Twain were next. I feel so shallow now. LOL

Chelle said...

Johnny Depp....swoon
Tom and Jerry....so funny
You do not look old!
I have book ADD. I have started so many and have yet to finish them.
Norm MacDonald! Hahahaha!

Jay said...

Oh and about the dog.

It has to be one about the same size as Daily cause you don't want to have to cut a bigger hole in the door for a bigger doggy door.

And it can't be too big cause you don't want one that can jump your short fence.

So, I'm thinking Basset Hound. Or another PBGV. ;-)

her indoors said...

a few more people would be in your pantry if they knew J Depp was in it!
LOL tom an jerry ha ha ha.
get a dog, all that unconditional love, hey then we can have a naming competion

Betty said...

My celebs are Walter Koenig (Chekov on Star Trek), Dennis Franz, James Caan (OK), Alan Alda (OK, again), and Austen Pendleton,( writer, author, director, enselble member of Steppenwolf Theatre. Was in A Beautiful Mind and My Cousin Vinny, among others, and teaches acting in Greenwich Village.

Do I get a vote? I vote for another PBGV. :-)

Newt said...

That was the most wonderful random post! You're right, Depp on corn flakes, you'd think he would be so much more........honey comb or something.....And the celeb match knows nothing. It should have been Butler and Depp. HELLO!

Newt said...

Oh, and my most favorite naughty treat is a hostess cupcake. :-)

Newt said...

Sorry to be a comment hog. I checked out the celebrity thing. 99% for Vin Diesel and 99% for Nicholas Cage. So I checked Gerard Butler:

physical 99%

emotional 71%

intellectual 72%

total 81%

Damn straight there would be 99% physical compat. Ok, maybe only on my side of the lust factor but still...........:-)

Michelle said...

Lord help us all. Here are my matches.
Jason Biggs 99%
Nelly 98%
David Arquette 97%
Edge 96%
Scott Bairstow 96%


I'd love those shelf markers too!

Tink said...

*Snort* He turned on easy listening. That's just WRONG! :)