Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We Interrupt the Italy Posts

Just a quick detour into Kansas City. I met Jay and our good friend JM there for the Scottish Highland Games. We had a blast, and I'm so glad we were able to go. Al was very, very jealous, as well he should've been because he missed out on a great time.

We got in Friday and had lunch at O'Dowd's Irish Pub, then walked around the Plaza. We didn't actually go into any of the shops, except the chocolate shop and the Better Cheddar, which is an amazing gourmet food shop. That night, we also ate at Lidia's, which is normally one of my favorite restaurants. But this night, although the salad and the dessert was great, the pasta was so salty I could barely eat it. I mentioned in to the server, but what else could they do?

Saturday was the games and we spent over 6 hours there, walking around, petting the border collies, petting the Highland Cows, watching the cute men in kilts throw heavy things, and looking at all the Celtic merchandize we could. We also ate meat pies and drank a lot of fresh squeezed lemonade. Also, my friend and her little boy came down and met us, so it was nice to see them.

After break and a shower to freshen up, we headed out for b-b-q at Smokehouse. It, too, was good, but not as good as Famous Dave's. I like a little spicier sauce.

Sunday, we were going to go to the Italian festival but it was a rainy day, so Jay and JM headed on out, and my friend and I headed to a very cool craft store called Urban Arts and Crafts. This store offers some beads for jewelry making, some yarn, some scrapbook stuff and stamps, some material, and books. It's not huge and overwhelming like Michael's, but it's not a one-hobby only store like a yarn shop or a quilt shop. And it was just so darn cool! The colors of the material, the kinds of paper, and the embellishments that they carry are different that I can find at other stores. They also have classes and rent out studio time, where you can use some of their tools to work on your projects. I would love to have a shop like this. I'm glad I made the time to go there.

So, here are some pictures of the trip. For a better wrap up and some more pictures, head on over to Jay's blog.

The Plaza

A man dressed for the occasion

Caber Toss

Sheath Toss

A carding machine for wool

Border Collie

Stalking the sheep

Leading the sheep to the ring for the demonstration

Highland Coo


Peggy said...

I'm glad you got to see more men in kilts!

How often did you say, "I've just been to Scotland." "No I didn't meet Peggy and Neil while I was there!"

her indoors said...

it sure sounds like a great time was had by all, my favourate whould have to be the border collies working the sheep

Kell said...

Peggy--I said that quite a bit, and got scolded every time! My friend JM is going to Scotland next May, so she said if I go with her, I could redeem myself!

Her indoors--the dogs were my favorite too. I love those dogs, and they love to work.

Michelle said...

I'm not only envious, I'm jealous! Looks like a great time. Sure wish I'd have been been there with you. Think of the wolf whistling we coulda done to those men in kilts! ;)

susan said...

So you didn't get Jay in a kilt, eh? That would've been a fun picture. I love all the pictures you have though. :)

Tink said...

You didn't participate in the ax throwing competition? I'm gearing up for next year. Anyone who would like to stand near me, beware! :)

Neil said...

I wore my kilt the whole of March in case I bumped into... did I mention before that I was only a mile away from where you were staying? Anyway, I have to go and eat now because reading your blog always makes me starving!!

Newt said...

I love the little cow. Awwww. I think I need to make a trip down for that next year.