Thursday, January 10, 2008

I was just thinking . . .

Just a few things going through my head and stopping me from concentrating on more productive things.

Looks like it’s official that the Golden Globes will not be televised. HFPA president Jorge Camara said, "We are all very disappointed that our traditional awards ceremony will not take place this year and that millions of viewers worldwide will be deprived of seeing many of their favorite stars celebrating 2007's outstanding achievements in motion pictures and television.”

Yeah, because those deprived viewers will never get another chance to see a celebrity. Except maybe on the People’s Choice Awards or The Screen Actor’s Guild Awards or The Critic’s Choice Awards or The Oscars or The Emmys or the MTV Movie Awards or an AFI tribute every other month. . . How will we ever survive?

Producers and media types are just giddy at the idea that support for the writers is going to wane because shows like Grey’s Anatomy will be going into reruns. Horrors!

What do you think? Is it really such a hardship on your life? I think the main hardship for me is that now there is pretty much nothing but reality TV on, but that was already happening. We don’t watch a lot of network TV anyway, so it’s not affecting us a whole lot. The worse affect is on other workers. Producers aren’t taking a hit in their salaries, but other staff are being laid off.


BBC America used to be such a great network. It’s the only reason we have digital cable because I used to watch it all the time. But not any more. Guess what they are so excited about for the new season. They’re showing reruns of Dancing with the Stars! Our Dancing with the Stars! WTF? Used to be a lot of great mysteries and DIY shows on that network, but no more. What’s the world coming to?


I made Butternut Squash Risotto for dinner last night, and it was very yummy. It was the fist time I’ve made risotto. I had been afraid to try because the chefs on TV always talked about how you had to be careful and stay with it and all that. But it was really pretty easy, and fun. I like it when I’m cooking and I get lost in what I’m doing—it’s a great escape. BTW, I made Ina Garten’s recipe, but I added about a tablespoon of chopped sage and some nutmeg.


This time last year I wasn’t feeling that great and didn’t know what was going on until it bloomed into a full MS flair up. Then there was the horrible, horrible experience with the steroid treatment. I’m being more careful this year because I don’t want to go through that again. It helps that it’s not as cold and I don’t have to spend an hour and half shoveling snow since Al bought the mother of all snow blowers.


Cosette has caught onto the routine around here and has decided she likes it. She whines at me if I don’t move fast enough in the morning to get going on our walk. She sits and stares at me, then does this little shuffle, and then sighs/whines. She also does that when she wants a treat or to play. She has me trained pretty well.

Cosette plays hard with her stuffed duck, then crashes in the the sunbeam.


Karen said...

I love pictures of Cosette. I am surprised how quickly she has fit into your family.

I like award shows, but I am not crying over the Golden Globes. I agree that there are others. However, this writter's strike is going on too long.

Peggy said...

God bless Cosette! Why would anybody have ever given her up is beyond me! It does sound like she has you trained well!

I hope you don't get a big new flair up. That would suck. In any case, it sounds as though you are getting good at spotting symptoms. To be forewarned and all that. . . .

Jay said...

The only two network shows I watch are "Life" and "Pushing Daisies" and I'm living just fine without them.

Luckily "The Shield" had finished their entire last season of shooting before the walkout. Well, except for the final episode, but they shot it without Shawn Ryan. Which I think is sad. But, FOX is leaving the final episode open for a "producers cut" so when the strike is over Shawn can put his stamp on the show. It's only fair since he created that show from the ground up.

Michael Chiklis directed the finale for him.

I'm glad Cosette has got you guys all trained and doing things her way now. That will make life so much easier for her. ;-)

fiwa said...

I don't really watch any network shows, but I agree 100% about the BBC. What has happened? Where did my Trading Spaces go? And What Not to Wear? Now all they have is Top Gear and FootBaller's Wives. The only thing I watch on the BBC these days is Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

Cosette is so cute. I didn't know she was a recent addition, you seem to love her like you've had her for years. :)

Newt said...

I just love that dog. she's too cute. One of these days Sophie and I will hop in the car and come down there so we can all go for a walk. And BBC is so letting me down lately.

Newt said...

How can a person fail word verification 3 times? how????

Merelyme said...

well with netflix around...i am not so upset about missing tv shows. and most times i would rather read a book anyhow. i love your are a very interesting gal.

Kell said...

Thanks for stopping by merelyme. You caught me on a good day!

Sparkling Red said...

I'm with you on the award shows. I don't have much interest in the world of celebrities or show biz.

katy said...

not one for reality shows and of course networks are so different over here.
so glad you are not suffering from a bad MS blow out this year fingers crossed that it stays this way for you x
Cosette has so let you fit into her life, she is one great dog x

susan said...

Cosette is such a sweetie. She just fits in perfect.

I don't really watch much TV at all, so the strike doesn't affect me at all. I do feel bad for the writers though. It seems to me that the do most of the work and get none of the glory.

Peggy said...

P.S. I am not going to mourn the loss of The Golden Globe Awards being televised. The show biz industry is entirely too self-congratulatory.

R.E.H. said...

I hate reality shows... to me it is the lowest form of entertainment available. It's cheap in production, which is why they produce so many of them, and as long as there are people around who will watch them - they will continue to take over network air-time.

Because of that - the writer's strike needs to be resolved, so we can enjoy quality programming once again.