Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I've spent the last few days vacillating between being excited and having anxiety attacks.

We're leaving for Italy on Saturday. We've only been planning this trip for over a year, so you'd think I'd be totally prepped and anxious to go. Oh, I'm anxious alright. Unfortunately, it's not a good kind of anxious.

I know we'll have a good time. I know I'll love Italy and wonder what took me so long to go there. But I'm still going to a country that I know very little about and speak very little of the language. I've been practicing "No copisco l'italiano" (I don't understand Italian). We'll mostly be in the large cities, so most people will probably speak English, but I want to know somethings to say to be polite. Buon giorno, gratzie, prego, due cauppacino per favore. Now if I can just figure out how to say, "Do you take Visa?" in the shoe store.

The main reason I'm on edge is that it seems the more I read and try to figure out what to do and where to go and how to get there, I just get more confused. My brain doesn't seem to be able to differentiate the names of places and everything seems to be a variation of Piazza. Plus, there are 3 other people going on this trip, but I seem to be the only one who knows how to read a travel guide. Granted, I'm the most anal of all of us, but you'd think they'd want to know something about where we're going. I can see it now: we'll meet downstairs at the hotel and all 3 of them will say, "What are we gonna do? Where are we gonna go? How do we get there?" Actually, it may not be that bad since I went through the guidebooks and emailed everyone about what days the museums are closed and suggested when we should do what. At least there will be 4 of us to figure out the public transportation and that's good because I'm really stressed about figuring out the public transportation.

I've already had a friend talk me down and tell me to get a grip. She lived there for 6 months, so she was a big help in making me feel more excited than anxious.

So, I'm just gonna roll with it. I figure that since I haven't seen anything in Italy, that anything I see will be amazing. I'm not taking a list of things that I have to see and do. And you know how hard it is for me to not have a list, but this will be very good for me.

So, arrivederci amici. I'm off to sort through all my little toiletry bottles and to practice pack. I have to make sure I leave room for the shoes and purses that will be coming home with me.


Newt said...

You'll have a fabulous time. It's Italy, come on, I'd be happy sitting outside the airport doors watching the traffic go by.

Everything else beyond that is icing on the cake.

her indoors said...

just go with the flow and enjoy, buy an extra case when you are there for the shoes!!!!

susan said...

Oh you'll be fine...they've got shoes and espresso. Honestly, what more do you need? :)

Lisa said...

Kell. Seriously, there is no possible way you will not have a wonderful time in Italy. There is no perfect list of things to see there . . . you will adore everything you do. Eat well. Drink well. Pay attention when on a train to how many stops you will pass before yours. That's all you need to know!

You will have a wonderful time and we look forward to your reporting back!

Lisa said...

P.S. When you buy your purses, do not be seduced by the shops near the tourist attractions. Look for a place off the beaten path. You'll be happier with the quality of your purchases.

Michelle said...

I've never been but a friend went a couple of years ago completely without a plan or list... she just hopped a plan and spent a whopping 3 weeks there without so much as a hotel reservation. SHE HAD A GREAT TIME! -- Imagine how well you'll do!

We'll miss ya.

jd said...

I can relate to how you feel. I am off to France with my daughter on Saturday and also feel a bit conflicted. My planning has come down to prebooking hotels so I don't have to do it in French. That and I bought a guide book. I guess I will take it one day at a time. I suggest you do likewise. Have a great trip.

Kell said...

Thanks guys. I wish I could take you all with me!

Have a wonderful time in France, JD.