Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Goodnight Sweetheart

I’m so cranky the morning after a sleepless night. I’m kind of cranky in the morning anyway, but even more so when I stay up all night with stream of consciousness never letting up. One night Al told me that I was thinking too loud and it was keeping him awake. Poor dear. Not this night though, he was so tired a train going through the room wouldn't have woken him.

Well, I do have a lot going through my mind. My thoughts kind of went like this:

I’ll be glad when this inspection is over so that Al will relax some and then he can take over some of the worrying I’m doing about the trip to Italy in Oh my God less than 2 weeks. I wish I could figure out what to wear for that trip. The weather is going to be pretty nice, I think, but still warm enough for short-sleeved shirts. I know I have to cover my shoulders in some cathedrals and museums and I think that goes for knees, too. So does that mean I can’t wear the short skirt? Probably. Maybe I should just take a long skirt. Should I wear a skirt at the party Saturday night? The last party we threw, one of the women said she didn’t know she should dress up because I looked dressed up. But I wasn’t. Oh well. Maybe I’d be more comfortable in capris anyway. But that sundress fits better now, but then I really would be over dressed. But Al wants this to be a cookout, which means I’ll be outside most of the time with the food. Usually Al would do that but scotch trumps burgers, so he’ll want to be downstairs educating people on the wonders of the single malt. Except for the kids. The kids. Last time we had a party for Al’s office we had over 40 people come. And that was without kids. It’s not that I mind kids coming, it’s just that they get bored so quickly. Since we don’t have kids, there’s nothing for them to do besides watch movies. How many movies can they watch before they’re bored out of their skulls? Will they even get through one? The last time we had kids around they had more fun throwing things down the laundry chute, then screeching and running down the stairs to the laundry room. Oh shit, if they’re going to be up there again, I really should make sure the sex toys are hidden. That would be embarrassing. Probably shock some people, too. Might even change Al’s call sign, even though he really likes “Single Malt.” I guess the kids could hang out in my craftroom. I could get out stamps and markers and paper and scrapbook stuff. I should probably remove those books on witchcraft. No one would actually ask about them and then wonder about my dark side instead of reading the story I’ve been writing about a family of witches. Not that I’ve done any work on it in a long time. *Sigh*

And on and on and on. Usually at times like that I just get up and watch tv or read. But then there are nights like last night that I just toss and turn and listen to the shades twack against the window frame because the fan is aimed at it. Al slept through it, though. I envy that type of sleep. I usually hit that type around 4 to 6 in the morning.

But I have a new theory. It was the full moon. I’m serious! I’m going to start tracking these nights that I can’t sleep, and I bet they correspond with the phases of the moon. Maybe I could blame my mood swings on it, too.

Well, whatever the reason, I’m tired today and have a very long list of things to do, so I should probably get busy. Although, this couch is awfully comfortable. Maybe I’ll just close my eyes for a couple of minutessssssssszzzzzzzzzzzz.


Betty said...

They say the full moon has an effect on some people. For instance, I can tell you that Jack H. routinely went crazy when the moon was full. Tel me, doesn't anyone hire babysitters any more? I think that'll be my next post. Sex toys????? TMI! TMI! You do that on purpose, don't you?

Jay said...

I wouldn't let them loose in the scrap room either. One of them will cut his/her finger off and you'll get sued.

Personally I would say "NO KIDS". But, that's just me. ;-)

Gracey said...

Now you are going to Italy??? Dang, you're so lucky! Someday....*sigh* I am a huge cranky monster when I don't sleep too so don't feel too are not alone!

her indoors said...

i had a bad night last night too, gosh its spooky if it is to do with the full moon, must check for facial hair, lol.
Italy love Italy, where abouts you going have you been before?
hope you sleep well tonight :-)

Kell said...

Betty: Yes, yes I do.

Jay: I wanted to do no kids but didn't want to exclude anyone.

Gracey: Welcome back! Travel as often and as much as you can.

Her indoors: See! It is the full moon. We're going to Rome, Venice and Florence. No, I've never been and I'm way way way stressed out about it. Very overwhelmed.

Lisa said...

Kell, chill! You will love Italy no matter what. Here's an idea for the cover your knees thing . . . why don't you bring along a nice wrap (think swimsuit coverup from Land's End) that you can just throw over your shorts/short skirt when entering cathedrals and stash in a little backpack when you are wandering around? Just a thought.

Kell said...

Lisa--that's a great idea! Hmmmm. Think I'll hit the website. Thanks

Tink said...

Don't you wish your head had an off switch? I do, especially when I'm laying in bed at 1am wondering what happened to my last breakfast bar.

Lena said...

It's amazing what thoughts keep we women awake. My neighbour Liz and I joke that we should invent a wall-tapping language to keep each other entertained through the long nights.

I'd keep a diary of those full moons, though!

her indoors said...

wow you will just love Italy have been to all those places and i fell in love with them all so much to see and do.

Newt said...

I hate those kinds of nights. Grrrrrrrrr. And I think I get more upset that the hubster is soundly sleeping undisturbed. Grrr.