Friday, May 25, 2007

Buon Giorgno!

Yes, we're finally home! We got home late Wednesday, despite train strikes, air traffic control strikes, and airline strikes. We had a wonderful time, but I'm exhausted. I'll write more after I get some rest and do something about these bags under my eyes.

Here are some pictures to keep ya busy until I get back (Al took all the photos). Ciao!


St. Peter's at Vatican in Rome

Hall in the Vatican Museum

Trevi Fountain

Bridge of Sighs, Venice

Morano Glass

Duomo, Florence


View out the Florence hotel window

Light Lunch

San Gimignano


Pisa Tower and Cathedral


her indoors said...

wow, welcome back glad you had a great time, Italy is a beautiful country, looking forward to hearing and seeing more, oh did you get lots of shoes?

Betty said...

I'm glad you're back! Tell Al those photos are super. Looking forward to seeing all the rest.

Newt said...

I'm so happy to have you home. Your pictures are GORGEOUS! I missed you but it looks like you had an amazing time. Oh, I'm jealous. It looks so beautiful.

Lisa said...

Welcome back, Kell . . . hope you had a fantastic time. Pics are lovely, can't wait to see more!

Peggy said...

Welcome back Kell!

Those photos are great! I can't wait to hear all about it, omitting no detail no matter how insignificant or trivial!

The Murano glass is lovely, but I just know that if I bought orange glass, it would look terrible when I got it home. They can make stuff look so stylish even that shade of orange.

Michelle said...

YEAH! You're back!! :o)

Love the pics, Al. Good job.

Now, Kell, let's have some stories, k?

Lena said...

Mamma Mia! What a wonderful country. I'm due a break so I'm off for some brochures!

Nice to have you back too, Kell!

Tink said...

Oh! Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I really love "Bridge of Sighs, Venice."