Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ho Ho Hum

Jay tagged me with a book MEME, so I’ll start with that.

Rules for this tag game are:
-Grab the closest book to you
-Open Page 123
-Scroll down to the 5th sentence
-Post the next 3 sentences on your blog
-Name the book and author

I’m not going to tag anyone, though. If you need quick blogfodder, though, jump on in!

“This will be much better than Arkansas,” Felicia said.
“Why’d you leave Arkansas?” I asked, because I just couldn’t help it. Felecia was the simplest vampire I’d ever met.

Defintely Dead by Charlaine Harris.

How weird is that the sentences are about leaving Arkansas. Life is just freaky some times.


I haven’t noticed a headline telling us that Lindsey Lohan hasn’t had a drink for 2 weeks now. Whatever will we do without our “Lohan Update”?


It’s a cold, rainy day today. No snow yet, to my hubby’s joy. The temperatures have been unusually warm this winter. I’m not sure how I feel about that.


My knitting buddy RJ is coming up on the 26th. I’m so excited! We’re going to a knitting workshop at my LYS (local yarn shop) and just going to hang out for a while. She’s had a very rough year and she needs some time to just chill. Al is planning on just sitting down in the pub and letting us yakety-yak all we want. He wonders how we can always have something to talk about. I’m not really sure how we do it, either. It’s the same thing with my friend, A. Talk, talk, talk. And more talking, still.


I’m still reading my vampire/detective/romance book. I had to take a break while I finished off some Christmas stuff, but now I’m back into it. Tell me something, why do feel so guilty just sitting and reading a book. See? Notice how I said “just sitting . . .”? I feel like I should be doing something more productive—I think of all the things that need to be cleaned and groceries that need to be bought and a gym membership that should be utilized. I don’t feel guilty if I sit and knit all day, but then, I knit for other people. Sure, I enjoy it, but I give away almost everything I knit. Reading seems very self-indulgent. I wonder if I’d feel the same if I was reading, say, a biography or the latest political/historical tome. Then I could feel all superior because I was reading something “intellectual” or “worthy.”


Within another year, my hubby will either be accepting another assignment or getting out of the military. I’m a bit panicky about either one. Staying in for at least one more assignment would be a little less stressful because I’m used to that. I enjoy moving around and living in new places. If he gets out, well, that’s a little more uncertain. He could probably get a job here and we could settle here for awhile. I say “awhile” because as much as I like it here, I’m not so sure I like it enough to stay here for the rest of our lives. Not that it would have to be that way, but I think my hubby is ready to settle down some where. But the scariest thing about his retiring is that I’m not sure we have the same idea about where and what we want to do. And although we’ve financially been planning and thinking about it, it doesn’t seem like we’ve been planning and thinking enough. I’ve always just followed along, and now I might actually have a choice. What the hell do I do with a choice?


I took the nerd test on Cynnie’s blog. *Sigh* It’s so typical.

I am nerdier than 38% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

“Not nerdy, but definitely not hip” That’s me—friggin’ middle of the road.


The temperature has finally dropped back into the 30s, so I’m making chili tonight. Might light a fire in the fireplace. Maybe watch a Christmas movie. Snuggle on the couch with my sweetie. Hey! I may even read some of my book!


Cynnie said...

aww..I'm half nerd half non nerd..but 100% not cool..

me and daughter tried making fudge one christmas..we made 6 batches and every single batch was crap!..

We decided god was telling us our fat asses didnt need any fudge.

Thanks for the kind words..

steve said...

Hey... is your chili recipe:

1. Really freakin' good, and
2. Something you don't mind sharing?

I've been looking for a good chili recipe ever since I lost my mom's. I could ask her for it again, but I'd like to try something new in the meantime.

Kell said...

Cynnie--We could form a club. I'm going to put my fudge recipe on a post because it's super easy and foolproof. Have a safe trip.

Digital Janitor--I put my chili recipe in a post once, so I'll give ya the link. But I'll warn you that I'm a bit of "throw it in" cook with chili instead of a measuring type. So, with the spices, you might just put in a teaspoon, then taste and see if you need more. Here's the link:

Hope that makes sense!

Newt said...

I'm so proud, I scored an 81. I'm a whole lotta nerd.

Aren't you glad you know me????