Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up

We got up early and headed out to the grand opening of the new Apple Store at Village Point. We ate at Paradise Bakery and watched as the line to get in the store got longer and longer. A group of people in their late teens and early twenties all wearing the same t-shirts were running gleefully to get in line. Must be a users group. Boy, were they excited!

We joined the other geeks, and would you believe that we waited in line for over an hour? They were cycling people out and in 10 at a time. I wasn’t sure a free t-shirt was worth this, but by God I was here and I wasn’t leaving now.

We got in and wandered around every Mac and iPod possible to play with. Al’s decided which laptop he wants, but computers are like cars and motorcycles to him—there’s always another one that’s faster or cooler.

But we got the t-shirt.


Scary Acres opened this weekend. I’m not sure I’ll be going to this. Although I love ghost stories and haunted houses and scary movies, I don’t want to actually be in one. One the website they say “Don’t touch the monsters and they won’t touch you.” Sage advice. And enough to keep me away.

Zombies, it’s always zombies. Haunted attractions always look like scenes out of Night of the Living Dead. I don’t know why I don’t have a problem with vampires, witches, and ghosts (oh my!), but Zombies scare me and I usually avoid them.

Then again, Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite movies and I’ll watch it over and over again. I guess zombies are ok if you can laugh at them.


The Ducati dealership has an open house, so we had out that way after the Apple Store. Ducati is a motorcycle, if you didn’t already know. It was freezing cold—cloudy skies threatening rain and wind. I wasn’t sure the promise of free pizza was worth this. But they have a “shop dog” named Cedric, so I stayed entertained watching him go from person to person begging for food.

Al was hemming and hawing about if he wanted to take one of the bikes out for a test ride. Oh no, I said. You brought your helmet, you’re wearing your leather jacket, we’re here, and you are going to ride that bike! I think that he rode the Multistrada 1000 DS, but don’t hold me to that. All these names and numbers are just a jumble in my head. He liked it ok, but he didn’t go on and on about it—a sure sign that it didn’t “wow” him. Thank goodness.

Just a little side note here. I haven’t ridden with him yet and am very nervous at the prospect of doing so. I’ve never ridden a motorcycle and have no idea what to do on one. Al asked me to get on his Pacific Coast so he could see how we fit. I got up there, and I immediately clasped my arms around him and pressed against his back. Our conversation went:

Al: (laughter) Are you all the way back in the seat?

Kell: Hell no! You expect me to actually move back?

Al: (laughter) It’s OK just move back.

Kell: No. You have to figure out a way to ride like this.

Al: (laughter) Our helmets won’t let us. Back up onto the seat. . . Are you against the back rest?

Kell: You want me all the way back there?!?

So, I’m a weenie. So shoot me.


That evening we had 2 parties to go to. Two! We go months without nothing to do, then BAM! Two parties on the same night.

As we drove to one of them, we passed an annual Octoberfest celebration at a local German restaurant. We went last year and had a great time, but I remembered that last year we were in shorts and this year we’re riding with the seat heaters on. I’m not complaining. Al is, but I’m not.

Oh, and both of the parties were a lot of fun with good beer and food, but I was ready to go home by 9:30. That’s so not like me, but it had been a long day and we still had Sunday to go.


Sunday was a day of chores. Al mowed the yard, I did laundry, paid bills, and started cleaning. Al helped clean when he was done with the yard. Not really the way I had wanted to spend the day, but now the house is clean, we have clean clothes, and the yard isn’t shaggy any more. We’re just so domesticated.

Then Al went riding, and I went to the yarn shop—rewards for a job well done.


Al’s heading out-of-town tomorrow. Did you ever watch Mad About You? Remember the scene when Jamie went out of town, and as soon as Paul kissed her good by and closed the door, he started dancing and singing, “It’s mine, it’s mine, the whole house is mine.” That’s me. Oh, stop tut-tutting me; he’ll be back in a few days. We always appreciate each other more after these trips. Besides, I’m not the easiest person in the world to live with—he needs a break every now and then.


I don’t think I’ll be going to the movies. I got in the latest Miss Marple mysteries from Netflix. These ran on PBS recently and I kept missing them. So, I think I’ll put the kettle on, whip up a batch of scones, and get my knitting.

Oh, that reminds me! If you have BBCAmerica (and why wouldn't you, except for the outrageous cable bill that comes with it), they are going to show the first season of the new Dr. Who with Christopher Eccleston. I'm not as big a Dr. Who fan as I am a Christopher Eccleston fan. Also, Wire in the Blood is starting a new season, if you like psychological drama/mysteries. OK, that's all.


Jay said...

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't stand in line for an hour for a t-shirt or to look at macs. I'm not a line person.

Was Huber-Haus the German restaurant that was having the Oktoberfest? Remember the polka band?? Fun times, fun times.

Newt said...

Cool rambling blog and weekend. Sounds to me like you packed a lot in. I love Shaun of the dead too. I'm also a big fan of that zombie campy film with Bruce Campbell (title is escaping me)

Ducati's are nice bikes. The only rule I learned was move with the driver, lean with him, don't try to stay in the upright position when he is going into a curve. Oh, and mini-skirts are a BAD idea on a bike.

I'll have to watch the BBC for the Dr. Who shows. SciFi is starting season 2 on Friday. And I think I mentioned that I started The Bookman's Promise by John Dunning - it rocks! I'm sucked in and looking for excuses to read.

Kell said...

Jay--It was Edelweiss, not Huber-Haus, but they were having one, too. We should have gone. But both places had polka bands. Chicken Dance anyone?

Newt--Evil Dead and Army of Darkness; we have those, too. I love Bruce Campbell movies. And check--no mini skirt on the bike. I just saw a commercial for the Dr. Who on Sci-Fi--I'm looking forward to those, too. And, I'm hoping to start Bookman's Promise this week, as soon as I get to the library. I can't wait to start it.

Betty said...

Don't. Get on. The bike.

F&W said...

With responsible riders, bikes are great! The trick is to "feel" the bike beneath you and be one with the bike (i.e., don't "help" Al and lean through the turns...just stay as loose and comfy as you can without shifting your weight around). I assure you, it's a blast!! :)

And I'll be over around 5 tonight to join you for Miss Marple, tea, scones and knitting. Gawd -- that sounds like so much fun!

Gary James said...

I so want to go to Scary Acres! I was in York (Uk) today, where they do some terrific guided ghost walks. All showy theatre for the tourists of course. You won't actually get to see a real ghost, as everyone knows there's no su-


Did you guys hear something just then?

Must have been the wind...

Kell said...

Betty--I. Already. Have. Sorry.

Chelle P--Come on down! The more the merrier.

Gary--I'll stay behind you, OK? But I want to go on those ghost tours! No zombies, right? I don't remember reading zombie stories out of York.

saz said...

Ok - There's an age line being drawn here....I'm with your mother...DO NOT GET ON THAT BIKE AGAIN!

Time for another cyber meetup at your house for scones and Miss Marple.

I don't have cable but you recommended Midsomer Murders awhile back and I've been getting them from Netflix...I adore the series. I'm trying to start from the earliest and work my way far it seems each one starts with the cleaning lady discovering the body and screaming like a banshee.